Thursday, August 13, 2015


Time sure flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? and even when you are not having so much fun. It has been over a month since I wrote anything here but I have been really busy and then again there seems to be a lot of time wasted, time that could be used more efficiently, times when I am sitting here in front of the computer like a zombie or playing one solitaire game after another when I could/should be in that studio getting it in shape, or finishing those designs on my list, or, or, or. My kids are quick to remind me how really old I am so I'll take that into consideration and give myself a break-gheez!! 

I have connected with a new online group that is rather exciting-The Craft Star. It is new and still small but I think it is going to be a great site. It is for those of us who create handmade items. I am working on setting up my own little shop for my designs. There is a chat room to talk with other crafters and there is all kinds of help for marketing yourself and your creations with actual face to face chat a couple of times a month with The Craft Star's creator, Bethan Davies, and a new marketing/publicity guru, Katharine Kotaw, to help us along. 

I think Bethan thought of The Craft Star during a time of bad health. She keeps a close eye on everything on the site evidently because as I was listing things in my shop she contacted me to help me with my descriptions on her own. That was great. Writing descriptions and instructions is my weak link. 

Bethan also sends out a full color online catalog every week and my "Nativity Pattern" was included this week.  

There it is-my Nativity Kit Pattern-bottom right

As you can see, there a lot of talented folks in this group.If you have been thinking of a new path for your handmades, check out The Craft Star 

Here is the direct link for my store:

-Nativity Kit Pattern-
this has always been very popular with groups, young and old. can be quickly traced onto muslin and handpainted, sewn and stuffed.

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Carolyn Wainscott