Saturday, October 3, 2015


When I come out of my workroom, I don't want to have to think about cooking or getting something to eat together and I like good food so I try to have it ready for when I get done soooo I have become a kind of crock pot queen-throw it in, let it cook.

 This week I was craving good ol' pinto beans with cornbread and my homemade potato/broccoli/cheese soup [will share my revised recipe here at the end of this post]. Well, beans don't do well for me in a crock pot so Tuesday morning the bean pot came out and beans put on the stove to cook, I just have to keep remembering to come back in and stir them up and remembering anything is a chore any more for me but great balls of fire, I didn't burn them this time and they didn't stick. That's the reason I love a crock pot, don't have to worry about that. 


Beans on, finished putting binding on the two prayer quilts I had quilted a few days before, had taken to Bible study and we prayed for healing for my niece, Pattie, who is being treated for cancer right now and for my sister-in-law, Delores who has several health problems. She had a hysterectomy last week, is diabetic, is still recouping from knee surgery and had breast cancer last year. Pattie's was sent to her in Florida as soon as I finished binding and packaging that morning. 

Both quilts were from one of the fabrics that I keep for these special pieces. When I find something I want to use, I get all I can afford that day. This one has Psalm 23 and is of a tranquil scene. I have found it on sale several times and bought it each time I find it. There are only a couple of more panels left in my stash so will be looking out for more fabrics I think I want to use. 

Here is my great, grandduaghter's, Hannah, first sewing project on her own sewing machine-a prayer quilt for a little handicapped boy named Bryce.

This is the video I took of her as she worked.

I get more of a blessing for being able to make these prayer quilts than the ones who receive them.

God bless you and may the joy of crafting be upon you
Carolyn Wainscott
Almost forgot I was going to give you my recipe for my soup-mind you, I usually don't measure much of anything so you may want to adjust some of the ingredients to suit yourself and I don't seem to be able to make just a little of anything after cooking for years for a family and guests.
so here goes:
On Wednesday, before I went into sewing room to hem a bunch of jeans for great, grandson, Blake, I started the soup in the crock pot-remember, I don't like to have to cook when I get done working

[2] 32 oz. cartons of chicken stock
1 1/2 cups frozen chopped onions [I know, I am getting to be a really a lazy cook]
a bag of frozen shredded hash browns [I used over 1/2 of a 2 lb. bag]
2-3 cups left over mashed potatoes [I made lots of extra for dinner a couple of days before just for this soup]
-cooked on high for 4-5 hours-
added a couple of cups of chopped frozen broccoli
then when the broccoli was cooked added:
50 ozs. mild cheddar cheese sauce
[I usually use Velveeta but it seems to be getting rather pricey-was looking for a large can of cheese sauce I had used before but found Gehl's Nacho cheese sauce-it came in a box with 2 -50 oz. bags for about $8 so there is another bag left for nachos or pretzels]

Hope you like the soup, I sure do
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Thursday, October 1, 2015

MY ORIGINAL "JESUS LOVES ME" QUILT-Designed And Made Over 30 Years Ago

The original "Jesus Loves Me" quilt was made over 30 years ago for my first grandchild, Robert. He was in Hawaii where his father was stationed in the Army. 
I was heartbroken that he was there, it was my first Christmas without him since he had been born.  

Right after Christmas I sketched my pattern onto the largest paper I had which was the back of left over wrapping paper. gathered up what fabrics I had including my stash of old blue jeans from family members and went to work so I could get the quilt to him as soon as possible. It was all hand applique and embroidery. The denim squares  were machine sewn. The back is a flannel blanket. The background panel is very fragile and thin now-I had to use what I had on hand. Hair is scraps of velvet, I still like velvet for texture. 

Here it is, kind of pitiful, isn't it? Still my favorite pattern I have done but it has evolved. I have just completed 2 baby quilts and 2 more in process in the newer pattern.  

Can you make out the embroidered "Mamaw & Papaw love you too?"

the black embroidery threads are showing through the very thin background and I do not draw well.

blanket stitching is still my fave applique stitch

As you can see the quilt is well worn and tattered, it has been through a lot. 
Rob loved little cars so pockets from some of the jeans were included in the squares for them. 

I was doing what I could at the time with what I had.

Then here is a whole cloth version, probably my first try at free motion quilting for Rob's younger brother made several years later. It was damaged when we had a fire in our home.

The quilting has Travis' genealogy quilted in the tree

Nope-no great pieces of art here but I'm in no way ashamed of them even with the wavy bindings, crude drawings, odd fabrics. There is lots of love in those quilts for those boys and that's what counts. 

Now, 32 years later, here are "Jesus Loves Me" panels in progress. These have been traced onto cotton then hand painted. Panels will be available in pattern form to be traced or transferred onto muslin or other cotton in a choice of 2 panel sizes -16" by 27" or

11" by 18" with complete instructions for making a baby quilt.   

The panels will also be available printed on PFD [prepared for dying] Kona cotton for the quilt maker to paint. 
The above was written several months ago and there has been even more new thoughts and developments for the pattern/print that will be available soon. I hope to have it all in the works within the next couple of weeks. 

The panels are available in my Etsy shop in very limited quantity till I see how they may do 

All of this came about when I pulled out my "Jesus Loves Me" pattern to make 5 baby quilts for the new additions to our family and decided to  put them into pattern form months ago. It has been a long process for me but I think well worth it in the long run. I have worked almost exclusively on samples, changing, rearranging, redoing, etc.

Thank you for stopping by and may the joy of crafting be upon you
Carolyn Wainscott

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


When my sister-in-law, Doris, passed away I asked if I could have a couple of her things so when we visited several months ago, her daughter-in-law gave me a bag full they had saved for me when they were getting things settled. 

There was the jacket Doris thought so much of with embroidery and buttons-she showed it to me during a visit and I had asked specifically for that jacket especially since I knew no one else would want it, I don't know what I will do with it since it is much too small for me but if I never use it for anything, I have it because it was hers. There was the 50th wedding anniversary quilt I had made for them with its pillow scarf that was signed by the guests at their 50th celebration.

Then there were 2 chicken scratch quilts that she had made. She worked many, many hours on them. It is very intricate work and something I sure don't have the patience for so having them is very special to me. 

Here are photos I took just a while ago. Doris had made matching curtains and pillow shams to match the blue quilt which is not completely finished. The squares are set together with cotton eyelet lace and are about 20" square. I noticed the sashing on the blue one is wider so it required fewer blocks-if it had been me there would have only been one block to begin with. 

Here's Doris at my husband's retirement celebration in 2000. She and I had many good times together. Just thought I wanted to include a photo and this is the easiest one I could get. I miss her a lot.

I started this post several weeks ago. At the time, I did this research and located some sites if you are interested in chicken scratch. 

NeedlenThread's definition of chicken scratch:

What is Chicken Scratch Embroidery?

“Chicken scratch” embroidery is a lacy-like embroidery technique worked on gingham. It’s called a number of other things besides “chicken scratch” – depression embroidery (as in “Depression era”), snowflake embroidery or lace, gingham lace, or Amish embroidery. It involves only about three or four types of stitches – the running stitch, the cross stitch, the double cross stitch, and (if you want to consider it a separate stitch), the threaded running stitch.

article in:
references to Pink Paper Peppermints @ and

Thank you for stopping by and may the joy of crafting be upon you
Carolyn Wainscott

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13" by 24" boy or girl panel silk screened on 100% Kona PFD [prepared for dying] cotton ready for hand painting with your own fabric paints or markers or to be thread painted by hand or machine. Instructions included for adding borders to make baby quilt. 

[panels hand painted with Inktense pencils}

Saturday, September 26, 2015

BRAVEHEART KILT-Haven't made one of those before

The thank you note said "Thank you for turning me into Mel Gibson". 

My daughter called me early in the week to ask if I could make a kilt ala "Braveheart" by Friday-well, what else do I have to do so after I looked up Ol' Mel baby to see what I was getting into I said sure, get me the materials-and they did. It seems an event at the school of a colleague's son was having a "Braveheart" football night and he needed a kilt. I have not seen the movie so had to google. It looked like it would be a piece of cake and kind of was just a little more time consuming than I had thought but what else is  new.

The next day Donna brought in a 3 yards of blue plaid [school color is blue], 2 pieces of a mottled brown that had the look of leather and a large plastic sword. You know, every self respecting Braveheart has to have a sword so a sheath was in order plus a shoulder wrap besides the kilt. I needed only two measurements for the kilt-length [18"-with 1" added for hem, 3" added for fold over at waist for elastic] and waist [29" with added 2" for seams]. Yes, I did take the easy way out with elastic. 

I decided the kilt would hang better if it was lined so I scrounged to come up with a black piece big enough for the lining plus part of the sheath. Pleats take a lot more fabric than you may think. It actually took two widths of the 45" fabric for the waist plus nice sized pleats [I decided on 3" deep pleats]. It worked perfectly.

The lining and kilt were machine sewn along the hem with right sides together, folded back to wrong sides together and hem pressed. Pleats were set in, pinned and pressed while laying flat. Side seam sewn, 2 1/2" folded towards back for waistline casing leaving opening to insert elastic. 

One of the brown fabrics was used for the sheath with a piece of fur sewn onto the top then sewn to the black band. The other piece was added to the shoulder wrap with 2 large buttons added that had been sent along with the fabric. 

I didn't mean for this to be an accurate tutorial for the kilt, just sharing one of the projects I have been working on in my spare time-LOL

Here is the result:

The shoulder wrap was brought out of the waist and hung down nicely over the hip eventually.

Donna said Jaret was thrilled with the outfit. He asked her what I liked-she told him-chocolate, peanut butter, coke, cream soda. This is what he sent along with the sweet thank you note-

I so appreciate being appreciated and how sweet is this young man-this old gal loved the candies and will be baking the cookies in the next day or so. Have read through the Woman's Day magazine-love to read.

Thanks for stopping by and may the joy of crafting be upon you
Carolyn Wainscott

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


It is hard to believe it has been almost 4 years ago that I did 3 videos for making continuous prairie points and they are some of my most viewed. My tutorials are on,, as well as my own channel. The prairie point tutorials had been requested by the editor of FaveQuilts.

 As with most things I do, the continuous prairie point using one fabric led to continuous prairie points with 2 fabrics and since I liked that look so much, decided to try 3 or 4 fabrics-thus-3 prairie point videos. When searching in my list of blogs though, I don't know why as was my habit that I didn't write a post other than things were getting intense at that time with my husband's health. There were times I don't know how I got anything done except that my crafting helps me keep my sanity when things are crumbling all around. Looking at the dates, these tutorials were produced in Nov/Dec, 2011. He passed away 7 months later in June, 2012.   

I just checked the # of views and my ego just has to share-#1 has been viewed over 75,000 times, #2 over 9000 and #3 over 9000. I am thrilled and so appreciate all those who have taken the time to watch this little old lady quilter who loves what she does. 

A couple of viewers have shared what they have created such as Linda who made her daughter a Christmas tree skirt that was finished with prairie points. Thank you, Linda, if you see this for sending this photo.

and another Linda who contacted me after watching the videos with her idea for making a pillow with prairie points. I asked her to send a photo and she did. My Granny used to say "Carolyn, thar's more than one way to skin a cat" and she was right and there is more than one way to use prairie points. Linda came up with a use I had never thought about. Thank you for sharing, Linda.

Thank you for joining me today, may the joy of crafting be with you and God bless you

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