Saturday, September 26, 2015

BRAVEHEART KILT-Haven't made one of those before

The thank you note said "Thank you for turning me into Mel Gibson". 

My daughter called me early in the week to ask if I could make a kilt ala "Braveheart" by Friday-well, what else do I have to do so after I looked up Ol' Mel baby to see what I was getting into I said sure, get me the materials-and they did. It seems an event at the school of a colleague's son was having a "Braveheart" football night and he needed a kilt. I have not seen the movie so had to google. It looked like it would be a piece of cake and kind of was just a little more time consuming than I had thought but what else is  new.

The next day Donna brought in a 3 yards of blue plaid [school color is blue], 2 pieces of a mottled brown that had the look of leather and a large plastic sword. You know, every self respecting Braveheart has to have a sword so a sheath was in order plus a shoulder wrap besides the kilt. I needed only two measurements for the kilt-length [18"-with 1" added for hem, 3" added for fold over at waist for elastic] and waist [29" with added 2" for seams]. Yes, I did take the easy way out with elastic. 

I decided the kilt would hang better if it was lined so I scrounged to come up with a black piece big enough for the lining plus part of the sheath. Pleats take a lot more fabric than you may think. It actually took two widths of the 45" fabric for the waist plus nice sized pleats [I decided on 3" deep pleats]. It worked perfectly.

The lining and kilt were machine sewn along the hem with right sides together, folded back to wrong sides together and hem pressed. Pleats were set in, pinned and pressed while laying flat. Side seam sewn, 2 1/2" folded towards back for waistline casing leaving opening to insert elastic. 

One of the brown fabrics was used for the sheath with a piece of fur sewn onto the top then sewn to the black band. The other piece was added to the shoulder wrap with 2 large buttons added that had been sent along with the fabric. 

I didn't mean for this to be an accurate tutorial for the kilt, just sharing one of the projects I have been working on in my spare time-LOL

Here is the result:

The shoulder wrap was brought out of the waist and hung down nicely over the hip eventually.

Donna said Jaret was thrilled with the outfit. He asked her what I liked-she told him-chocolate, peanut butter, coke, cream soda. This is what he sent along with the sweet thank you note-

I so appreciate being appreciated and how sweet is this young man-this old gal loved the candies and will be baking the cookies in the next day or so. Have read through the Woman's Day magazine-love to read.

Thanks for stopping by and may the joy of crafting be upon you
Carolyn Wainscott

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