Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Have I mentioned that I love making something out of nothing and especially so when it is almost free?

I found these cute, long sleeve t shirts for only a $1 each and bought several with the thought of turning them into dresses for great, granddaughter, Hannah.

When I saw school supplies already out last week, I knew it was time to get to Hannah's dresses and I kinda, sorta knew where the shirts were.

Stuck with the shirts were some jeans that I had cut off to add fabric for skirts and there were all these little jeans legs laying there so I began playing around with them and the dress that came from that mix is my favorite.

For Hannah's size 7-8 shirts, 2 pairs of the jeans legs go around the bottom. You may need more or less for the size you are working with. The ones I chose have a slight flare-just perfect for the skirt.

For the other dress, 2 panels were cut across the width of the fabric [42"-45"] in the length needed for the finished dress [mine were cut 12"]. Measure from the shoulder to the length desired, subtract the length of the shirt for the fabric needed. Sew the sides together, serge or hem the bottom of the skirt, gather to fit bottom of shirt and sew to bottom. Your dress is finished.

A flat felled seam, [used in jeans], was used to sew the jeans legs together for the skirt. The video shows  how to sew the seam, just in case you need a refresher, and other tips.
These little dresses are really cute and fun to wear but best of all, they are very economical.
Since we are on the subject of children, I am including a recipe for playdough for you to make at home. I have made pounds and pounds of it since the ingredients are always available and again, very economical. My children, grandchildren, Sunday School and Bible School children have all enjoyed playing with the playdough. If you work with children's groups and haven't run across this recipe, here it is:
4 cups all purpose flour
1 cup table salt
1 1/2 cups water
Just mix all together until well blended, knead on a lightly floured board a few minutes and not sticky.
It can be free formed by little hands, cut with cookie cutters, let air dry or in a low oven. It can be painted. Food coloring can also be added as you are mixing.
Kids love it.
Enjoy and God bless you
Carolyn Wainscott

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