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Saturday, February 21, 2015


Friday is my Big Day out. I go to Bible study led by my sister, Shirley, then we go to lunch, shop or just fellowship with our other sister, Jackie. We enjoy being together, encourage and bolster each other up and in general have a great time together. 

Yesterday was a different kind of day, it was 5 degrees below 0. Yes, it was Friday, yes it was my day out but our last Bible study was over so plans had been made to take in a little coffee shop where we could share things we didn't have time for at Bible study. It was a very nice change having the time to just chat with each other.

Shirley shared her sailor's valentine that won a blue ribbon made several years ago and explained its traditions. Everything in it has to come from the sea. Sailors made them while they were out to sea for months or years with nothing else to do. This is a true work of art. She has made several and there is one for each of her children.  

Our friend, Doris, made this plaque using her skill in caligraphy for Shirley in appreciation for all she does for everyone. Doris is our go to gal when we need something for a presentation. She also brought a beveled glass box she had made but I didn't get a photo of it. [She is one of those people that can do just about anything beautifully]

Melissa shared her cross she wears all the time. The ring is her wedding ring. She had this done after her husband passed away. There were chill bumps all around when she explained that she was somewhat depressed for a time when she looked up on top of a church to see a cross with a ring around it. Her husband was the one who had done the work. 

I shared my craft projects that were just finished for a competition and Amy was trying them on. She also told us about prayer services she has been participating in. 

Tammy brought Christmas gifts that two of her students had made and given to her. Both girls have been through grave health issues. These will be on display throughout the year. 

Now, let  me tell you about COCOA Bites. As you enter, the decor grabs you with a kind of Victorian theme. It is a cozy little place and so very inviting.

Have you ever gone to a quaint, little place you have heard a lot about only to be completely disappointed with the food. Well, trust me, that isn't the case at COCOA Bites.

I hadn't had breakfast but decided to wait for bread pudding that was due out of the oven
soon. It was so worth the wait with its warm Amaretto sauce. We had an endless cup of coffee. Doris had coconut pie, others had the bread pudding. There are many varieties of cupcakes, cake pops, truffles, pie, cakes-all beautifully arranged.

Before long homemade vegetable soup was ready-Shirley and I opted for that, Doris ordered a grill cheese with tomato and pesto sauce with a side of cole slaw, there was another grill cheese option and we shared around so everyone could have a taste. [When I make grill cheese, I slap a piece of cheese between two pieces of bread and plop it on the griddle-who knew there is more to grill cheese than just cheese]. Next time, and there will definitely be a next time, I will have the grill cheese like Doris had with that super cole slaw.

COCOA Bites is at the end of the bridge in downtown old Loveland just off the hiking, biking trail @305 W. Loveland Ave., Loveland, Ohio, 45140. If you are in the area, stop in. I think you'll love it.  

Happy crafting, sewing and sharing
Carolyn Wainscott

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Friday, February 20, 2015


                            My last post on February 14 showed the craft items from the swag bag from Prime Publishing I had chosen to use in the 

Well, my projects are done and being submitted. Voting starts on February 25 and is open until March 4, 2015. There is one vote per person so I hope you will vote for my creations. I will be sent a link to the site for voting and will post that. 

From the Fairfield interfacings and backings this Victorian hat with matching lace fingerless gloves was created from drafting my own pattern to machine and hand sewing then to the fun of decorating to my heart's content. 

Great, granddaughter, Hannah loved modeling for me.

 look at those eyes

                                                                      This Steampunk style hat with matching fingerless gloves was designed around the brass metal sheet roll from MD Hobby & Craft in the swag bag.  A purchased hat was used.


-side back-

-with matching fingerless gloves-

This is Hannah's favorite set and wants to know what I am going to do with it. 


sassy little girl
Complete instructions and video tutorials are forthcoming for both hats if you are interested in making either one or both. I truly enjoyed creating both, especially for this challenge of using random products. The pattern for the Victorian hat will be in My Pattern Store @ when I get it into an understandable form. I know how I did it but trying to explain that to someone else is sometimes a problem for me. That is the reason I try to make a video for each of my patterns. I'm always afraid I don't have things explained clear enough and it is easier for me to show than tell. 

Happy crafting and sewing
Carolyn Wainscott

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Saturday, February 14, 2015


So after much thought I have chosen the craft items to be used in my entry for the craft blogger contest I posted a bit ago @

The whole process is being photographed and videoed as I go but won't be revealed until the contest ends. Simone Collins, Chief Content Officer of Prime Publishing-sponsor of the contest, 
sent a reminder that entries have to be in by midnight February 23 so time is running out. Contestants can submit more than one entry and there are no more than 150 participating. The first prize is $1000, second prize-$500, third prize-$250. Can't you just imagine all the fabric, tools and supplies that will get.

All entries are to be in an Ebook. I am super excited, loving my first project that is near completion, would love to win so am blatantly asking that you will take a few minutes when the voting opens February 25-March 4 to come over and vote for my creation[s]. 

The chicken wire was the first product for my entry that I thought to use but that has completely changed-same creation but using different materials and probably a new pattern to be put into my Craftsy and Etsy stores-mind is twirling.  

Yep, the Fairfield interfacings & backings have taken the place of the chicken wire-strange, huh? Just popped into my head the other day while I was praying-ok, so God is my Best Bud-He gives me ideas and I try and carry them out and trust me-His ideas are a whole lot better. We are sticking with my original project, though.
 As soon as the idea for using the Fairfield packet hit I started flipping through it and lo, and behold-just what was needed. In the packet were 11" squares of several weights and types with fusibles and non fusibles, woven and nonwoven for just about any need you would have. 
 "Stiffen"-fusible rigid backing, "Stiffen 2"-double sided fusible rigid backing, "Structure"-medium weight fusible interfacing, "Structure 2"-medium weight fusible interfacing were chosen for the base but there is a bit of the chicken wire also-just a bit. 
 We are permitted to add to the craft products. I did have to purchase more of the backings because there wasn't enough to finish the project.

These are more things pulled from my supplies on hand to think about for possible use. 

Then there are the metal working gloves, metal punch and the embossing foil that were in the box of crafts. These will be used for my second entry. It is like the first but built differently. I plan on playing around with that today. I did use the metal working gloves in cutting the chicken wire for the first project and they are great. Saved my hands from a whole lot of scrapes and scratches. 
The first creation was in the car to show my sister, Shirley, for her opinion on finishing. Other gals saw it and assure me it is quite lovely so stick with me here. Can't wait for your opinion also. 

Happy crafting
Carolyn Wainscott




Thursday, February 5, 2015


Back in December, 2014, an announcement went out that 100 tickets would be available for the CHA [Craft & Hobby Association] Winter 2015 Blogger Networking Event hosted by Prime Publishing. Taken from the CHA home page: The CHA MEGA Show, produced by the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA), brings together the entire industry for five days of education, networking and product innovations. 

On a whim, I applied and glory be, I was chosen and received one of the tickets. Almost as soon as I got the cherished ticket, plans changed and I couldn't go. Immediately contacted Prime Publishing to please give the ticket to someone else and I thought that was the end of it until......

a few weeks later my granddaughter, Erica, brought a box in that had just been delivered. I didn't think I had ordered anything and there was a double surprise when I found the sender was none other than Prime Publishing.

Now why in the world would Prime Publishing be sending me anything. Erica and I opened the box, pulled all the packing from the top and found quite a few craft items from different suppliers.

Why, there were things from several suppliers including MD Hobby & Crafts-chicken wire, embossing foil, gloves for working with metals, metal hole punch-to name a few:

Martha Stewart crafts-an envelope box making kit, stamps from Inkadinkado

lots of things from Fairfield including a no sew kit for pillows

along with samples of several types of interfacings, quilt battings and a fabric I had intended on checking out on my next trip to fabric shops called Oly Fun. It seems to have a lot of uses, doesn't have to be hemmed because it doesn't ravel, seems quite sturdy:

But until we got to the very bottom of the box did we find why Prime Publishing had gifted Carolyn Wainscott with all these lovely craft things. There, underneath all the packing and goodies was my answer.

All this had been given to attendees in swag bags at the CHA Winter 2015 Blogger Networking Event-the event that I hadn't been able to attend and had returned the coveted ticket. Any or all of the items could be used in a contest to create an original creation for a Blogger contest. Only those who had received swag bags at the Winter Event plus other bloggers chosen can participate in the contest AND I GET TO BE PART OF  THE CONTEST! WHOOOOEEEE!

WOW! I have been chosen to be a part of this contest. I am very excited but how in the world do you combine a pillow form, chicken wire, copper embossing metal, Oly Fun fabric, a box maker kit and other sundry things by February 23 no less. If I don't stop scratching me head over this, I am going to be bald soon.

I kinda, sorta have formed some ideas for an entry into the contest. Have begun going through things already on hand. Go to sleep thinking about the contest, wake up thinking about the contest. Yes, I am excited.

Sharing my treasures:

Any ideas out there?? The voting starts on February 25, 2015 and ends on March 4, 2015 so I'll keep you posted on my progress and please come over to vote for me, even if you don't like it-whatever it will be. All project submissions will be posted on and then appear in an exclusive Best Blogger Crafts 2015 free eBook that can be downloaded on, Amazon and the AppleiBookStore.

So, please keep this poor, li'l, ol' gray headed, great, grandmother in mind who just loves to craft-and it keeps me out of trouble-well, sometimes.

Happy crafting
Carolyn Wainscott