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I spent months before Christmas making lots of doll clothes because I wanted to give them to the great granddaughters.

After the last velcro was put on the last of the doll clothes, after they were all gift wrapped, after they had been given to all the girls, I thought I was out of the doll clothing business for a while.

 That changed almost immediately when announced that it was developing a division that would allow independent designers to market their designs.

Craftsy was already an almost daily visit for me to see other people's creations and let others see mine-kind of a show and tell of beadwork, crochet, quilting, sewing, knitting-you name it.
Craftsy also offers classes and workshops by well known instructors in just about every area of craftdom and the list grows every day. Whatever interest you have, Craftsy covers it. Then you can show everyone what you have made-just upload a photo to show off your work. It is quite a community.

To promote worthwhile projects, Craftsy's call for blankets and hats for the Linus Project polarized 100's of us crafters to make and send in 1000's of blankets and hats to be donated.

To visit Craftsy, follow the link in "My Other Sites" on the right but be prepared to spend some time there.

OK-back to the patterns, that was exciting for me as I am sure it was for lots of others who have already put their designs on the site. I had those doll patterns that I would start with and decided the line would be called "HANNAH'S CLOSET" after my great granddaughter.

For one thing, I wanted to make a video for each pattern and Hallelujah!!! My first pattern finally made its way onto Craftsy with its video on Youtube so if my written instructions are not very clear, maybe even my stumbling along with my sewing machine that automatically starts stitching wrong the minute the camera comes on, or constantly searching for those scissors or anything else that decides to mess up, my patterns will be a pleasure to work with.

The first Hannah's Closet post features the first top I worked with.  See my previous post 
 for information on the sleeved top and video.

 I like versatile pieces that can be used lots of different ways and the reversible vest is surely in that category.

This little vest pattern has been used for lots of different looks since it has 3 different waist lengths.

Pink eyelet vest reverses to mauve paired with matching reversible shorts and Hannah's Closet reversible sleeved top.

Yellow cotton vest reverses to print to match reversible skirt

Red moire cotton vest reverses to butterfly cotton print
                                               Khaki colored cotton reverses to cotton print
                                                 Cropped faux suede top reverses to knit

                                Cotton print reverses to yellow-has matching reversible skirt

                      Pink eyelet vest reverses to mauve-has matching reversible short-see doll at top

The step by step video demonstrates how quick and easy Hannah's  reversible vest pattern is to put together. 
To download the vest pattern along with Hannah's Closet other separates, go to my pattern store

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happy quilting, sewing, crafting
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