Monday, February 27, 2012


When I started making all those doll clothes for the great granddaughters, I bought several commercial patterns on sale. I opened one and the others were never touched. Too many pieces, too much confusion even for me who has sewn for over 50 years. I just started coming up with my own patterns to use that were simple and I could get done quickly. [I have 7 great granddaughters]

Then the opportunity to put patterns online at came up and 
determination set in to get those original pattern pieces organized and into a printable, understandable format so I could get them uploaded and online. Maybe there were others out there that would appreciate having something simpler, too. I can zip through sewing, crafting and quilting projects but writing the instructions so someone else can decipher [my Granny used to say "syfer"] what I am trying to say is another thing completely. I can demonstrate and show hands on how to get the job done but again, putting it on paper takes me forever.

 My senior mind tries to find a certain word or term that is bouncing around somewhere my cavern of a mind and won't jump through my fingers onto the computer screen [but thank goodness for my computer!]. I walk myself, step by step, through the process of each project and that should be so simple-but I am afraid it will be confusing. I have tried to follow patterns and instructions at times that were next to impossible for me to complete what I was working on. I think I have a disconnect in there somewhere and I don't want anyone else to be as frustrated as I have been at times.

It's so much easier for me to demonstrate on video even if the sewing machine knows when the camera is turned on and throws all that thread on the back, even if I get tongue tied and have to do retake after retake, none of those big tv stars get it right every time either, do they?

The required PDF format for the fifth piece's pattern was completed today!!! Break out the champagne, ok, a coke will do. The video is ready to go and everything can be linked.

Hannah's Closet pattern for today is the reversible short. It can be coordinated with either of the top patterns.

The pattern is available in My Pattern Store @ on

and also in my Etsy store @

Mauve cotton shorts & vest that revert to pink eyelet
  Cotton butterfly print shorts & vest with red moire cotton
            woven knit vest and shorts lined in mauve faux suede coordinated with mauve calico
-----and the video, just in case I bungled the written instructions:

Dolls will love all the different outfits that can be created from these simple pieces. 

Happy sewing, quilting, crafting
Carolyn Wainscott

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