Friday, January 22, 2016


Have you tried a Fabric Slider in your quilting? I had wanted to see and try one for quite a while after seeing one on a tv quilt show but it's one of those things that hadn't made it to the top of the list-price played a big part of that.

 Then a couple of months ago I saw the discussion in one of the quilt groups about using an oven liner instead [mystery-how does the thought come up to use something for a stove in the sewing room?]. Now this person didn't even know there was such a thing as a oven liner but at the price they were talking about [$7] I couldn't resist looking into that I should already be familiar with as much as I have cooked in my lifetime-especially since cleaning an oven is one of my most dreaded tasks-I HATE to clean an oven. Of course, I have made sure for a long time now that any stove in my kitchen is going to have an oven cleaner built in-I have bought enough Easy Off to justify having that feature over time. 

So-back to quilting with the oven liner. Looked them up on Amazon to see how much they were but with my impatience not wanting to wait for one to be delivered I hopped in the car to go forth to find my treasure of the day and Glory Be-there is was right in the kitchen department-it had been there all along just waiting for me.

Even with the oven liner in my cache, it was several weeks before I would get to use it. It just laid there looking at me when I walked by, wondering why it had been brought into this strange place  where there was no stove in site. It had been made for a nice hot environment but instead when the time came, it was placed on a cool surface with that very sharp pointed thing aimed right at it.

I didn't test drive the experience, just turned on the camera and went to work. I thought if the experiment didn't work, you might as well be in on it from the get go and I was pleased with how things went. 

The fabric did glide around quite nicely.

The only thing you have to do to prepare the oven liner for sewing is to cut a small hole for the needle. You do have to have a flat surface even with the bed of your machine for the liner to lay on. My extended table accommodates the 16" x 23" oven liner but can be trimmed very easily. 

The fusible batting added to the ease of quilting also. There will be more on the use of this batting in a "quilt-as-you- go"  in the near future so look for that for a favorite method of mine using an easier method for constructing/machine quilting any size quilt from baby to king. 

The oven liner was about $7 so even if it hadn't worked it could always be used for its original purpose. I even had the thought of trying one on a refrigerator shelf to be pulled out and washed off to make it easier to clean the fridge. That's another dreaded job for me.

If you decide to try this, let me know how it works for you.

May the joy of crafting be upon you and God bless you

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