Thursday, January 14, 2016

MY "JESUS LOVES ME" Quilt Pattern-Now Available To Transfer & Paint On Your Own Fabric

A good bit of last year was spent working on this quilt pattern I originally designed and made over 30 years ago. I wrote about that quilt and other revisions in October, 2015 @

We had 5 new additions in 2015 to our family and I began working on quilts for them in March or April before the first arrivals were due in June so I thought I was ahead of the game-SILLY ME! Some of the process for those quilts are mentioned in the Oct. article. 

I had prints from a printing of the design I was going to transfer to white cotton for the babies' quilts but decided to reduce the size since I would be painting forever if I went with the original size. I found that I could just take the print to a local Fed Ex office and have it reduced instead of spending hours doing it myself. That was great. 

While working on those quilt tops the brain went off and I thought the pattern should be put into the pattern form and put with my other designs online. I just got them uploaded today to my Craftsy Pattern Store 
and in my Etsy shop 

I can't believe how long it has taken to get these 2 patterns to this point but a lot of life has happened-I'm sure some of you can relate. 

I also decided to include 3 sizes in the pattern for a quilt, a pillow case and a pillow so that took some time and thought-anyway-here they are:

the pillow case fits a standard pillow 

pillow is 15"

after the painting is done it doesn't take long to add borders for an easy, quick quilt

I transferred the pattern to white cotton then colored in with my Inktense pencils, I really like the bright colors that develop when fabric medium hits the paint on the fabric. 

While working/painting on the quilts the thought started rattling around to have the design silk screened for someone who just wants to paint their quilt top and skip the transferring step. There are still a few of those prints left-I even videoed the process-very interesting. 

Thennnnn- I found I could have full color prints made at a fairly nominal cost for those who don't want to paint at all and just make the quilt. Stories to follow. 

I have made many of these quilts since the original years ago. Some have been for children in deep jeopardy and have been sent states away and I love every step it takes to make one. I think every child should have a Jesus Loves Me quilt-but that is just me. 

  . I hope you enjoy quilting and crafting as I do
May God bless you
Carolyn Wainscott
I design quilts, children's wear, AG doll clothing, crafts, home decor. My patterns are available in PDF format
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