Saturday, January 2, 2016


Yes, it is after Christmas but I just have to share this "Frozen" themed decor. I was blown away when my daughter showed me her photos from the party she had been to the night before at the home of her friends, Greg and Jeff. That was before Christmas but we didn't get around to asking them if it would be ok to share photos with you until after and they were gracious enough to allow me to see for myself before the whole thing was dismantled. Take my word for it, the whole thing is more fantastic than the pictures convey and I don't know why Greg and Jeff aren't in the design business professionally-and-they are both wonderful artists.

Entering their home your eyes are instantly drawn up the stairs to Elsa in all her glory standing on the landing and then you realize you are surrounded by "Frozen"-bare tree branches, "snow", blues, icicles, Christmas tree. If I ever get to make a grand entrance anywhere, I will get these two to prepare my entrance, oh, yeah, I can just see it now.

There were full sized fully decorated Christmas trees in each bedroom and in the office but the homage in the master to the tragic November, 2015 attack in Paris was spectacular. For one thing, I had thoughts of creating a mannequin tree myself but didn't get around to it so it was one of my fave things in the whole house. Greg explained how very "simple" it had been-just set a mannequin on top of the bottom of a tree and hang the top of the tree upside down from the ceiling-OK-easy for you to say, Greg. Black ornaments, icicles and beaded garland completed that tree beside the PARIS letters and the mannequin tree had a large poinsettia spray and an Eiffel Tower-I need to keep all this in mind, I just may get around to it next Christmas. There were touches throughout the room to add to the Paris theme-the ornate shoe in the center of the picture-did you notice? but I can't remember all he told me.   

So, better late than never, Greg and Jeff's "Frozen" presentation could compete with any New York department store window display and I want to thank them for inviting me into their home.

May the joy of crafting be upon you and God bless you.

Carolyn Wainscott

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