Monday, February 27, 2012


When I started making all those doll clothes for the great granddaughters, I bought several commercial patterns on sale. I opened one and the others were never touched. Too many pieces, too much confusion even for me who has sewn for over 50 years. I just started coming up with my own patterns to use that were simple and I could get done quickly. [I have 7 great granddaughters]

Then the opportunity to put patterns online at came up and 
determination set in to get those original pattern pieces organized and into a printable, understandable format so I could get them uploaded and online. Maybe there were others out there that would appreciate having something simpler, too. I can zip through sewing, crafting and quilting projects but writing the instructions so someone else can decipher [my Granny used to say "syfer"] what I am trying to say is another thing completely. I can demonstrate and show hands on how to get the job done but again, putting it on paper takes me forever.

 My senior mind tries to find a certain word or term that is bouncing around somewhere my cavern of a mind and won't jump through my fingers onto the computer screen [but thank goodness for my computer!]. I walk myself, step by step, through the process of each project and that should be so simple-but I am afraid it will be confusing. I have tried to follow patterns and instructions at times that were next to impossible for me to complete what I was working on. I think I have a disconnect in there somewhere and I don't want anyone else to be as frustrated as I have been at times.

It's so much easier for me to demonstrate on video even if the sewing machine knows when the camera is turned on and throws all that thread on the back, even if I get tongue tied and have to do retake after retake, none of those big tv stars get it right every time either, do they?

The required PDF format for the fifth piece's pattern was completed today!!! Break out the champagne, ok, a coke will do. The video is ready to go and everything can be linked.

Hannah's Closet pattern for today is the reversible short. It can be coordinated with either of the top patterns.

The pattern is available in My Pattern Store @ on

and also in my Etsy store @

Mauve cotton shorts & vest that revert to pink eyelet
  Cotton butterfly print shorts & vest with red moire cotton
            woven knit vest and shorts lined in mauve faux suede coordinated with mauve calico
-----and the video, just in case I bungled the written instructions:

Dolls will love all the different outfits that can be created from these simple pieces. 

Happy sewing, quilting, crafting
Carolyn Wainscott

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I spent months before Christmas making lots of doll clothes because I wanted to give them to the great granddaughters.

After the last velcro was put on the last of the doll clothes, after they were all gift wrapped, after they had been given to all the girls, I thought I was out of the doll clothing business for a while.

 That changed almost immediately when announced that it was developing a division that would allow independent designers to market their designs.

Craftsy was already an almost daily visit for me to see other people's creations and let others see mine-kind of a show and tell of beadwork, crochet, quilting, sewing, knitting-you name it.
Craftsy also offers classes and workshops by well known instructors in just about every area of craftdom and the list grows every day. Whatever interest you have, Craftsy covers it. Then you can show everyone what you have made-just upload a photo to show off your work. It is quite a community.

To promote worthwhile projects, Craftsy's call for blankets and hats for the Linus Project polarized 100's of us crafters to make and send in 1000's of blankets and hats to be donated.

To visit Craftsy, follow the link in "My Other Sites" on the right but be prepared to spend some time there.

OK-back to the patterns, that was exciting for me as I am sure it was for lots of others who have already put their designs on the site. I had those doll patterns that I would start with and decided the line would be called "HANNAH'S CLOSET" after my great granddaughter.

For one thing, I wanted to make a video for each pattern and Hallelujah!!! My first pattern finally made its way onto Craftsy with its video on Youtube so if my written instructions are not very clear, maybe even my stumbling along with my sewing machine that automatically starts stitching wrong the minute the camera comes on, or constantly searching for those scissors or anything else that decides to mess up, my patterns will be a pleasure to work with.

The first Hannah's Closet post features the first top I worked with.  See my previous post 
 for information on the sleeved top and video.

 I like versatile pieces that can be used lots of different ways and the reversible vest is surely in that category.

This little vest pattern has been used for lots of different looks since it has 3 different waist lengths.

Pink eyelet vest reverses to mauve paired with matching reversible shorts and Hannah's Closet reversible sleeved top.

Yellow cotton vest reverses to print to match reversible skirt

Red moire cotton vest reverses to butterfly cotton print
                                               Khaki colored cotton reverses to cotton print
                                                 Cropped faux suede top reverses to knit

                                Cotton print reverses to yellow-has matching reversible skirt

                      Pink eyelet vest reverses to mauve-has matching reversible short-see doll at top

The step by step video demonstrates how quick and easy Hannah's  reversible vest pattern is to put together. 
To download the vest pattern along with Hannah's Closet other separates, go to my pattern store

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happy quilting, sewing, crafting
Carolyn Wainscott



For the past several months I have been very engrossed in the world of the American Girl Doll. It all started when my granddaughter, Erica, couldn't afford the doll clothes she wanted to give a certain little girl and I offered to make some outfits for her. As with so many things I get involved with, one thing led to another-it went from crocheting to sewing to designing furniture to designing my own patterns because as well as I can sew-I didn't want to deal with the commercial patterns available with all those teensy, weensy pieces. What started with making a few pieces for Jade's dolls, expanded to creating for 7 great granddaughters for Christmas.

For years, I've used the same plain patterns and methods over and over for my tops and skirts-just change out the fabrics and embellishments-so why not the same for the dolls.  I like quick and easy pieces.
Those original designs for mix and match coordinates have been converted to printable patterns and HANNAH'S CLOSET  came into being. My step by step instructions and videos demonstrate how making the coordinates reversible makes it easier and quicker to construct the patterns with the added bonus of having 2 pieces with one sewing and cutting rather than one.
The 1st design was featured on,
with a video tutorial and accompanying printable PDF pattern. The top has 3 waist lengths and can also be used as a jacket.

This cotton top reverses to jacket in photo below.
                                         Reversible jacket over print top with matching reversible skirt
                                  Green  jacket reverses to shiny knit shown in photo below

The video tutorial demonstrates how quickly and easily Hannah's doll top goes together:

Now, the pattern is also available in My Pattern Store @
on Etsy @
along with other mix and match separates for your American Girl Doll and other 18" dolls.
 I am super excited about Hannah's Closet and

When you check out, plan on spending some time for all the divisions on that site. the pattern section features patterns by independent designers for crochet, knitting, quilting, sewing-you name it, Craftsy has it.

or cruise through all the online classes available

Happy sewing/quilting/crafting
Carolyn Wainscott

Monday, February 13, 2012


The same base was used in all 3 versions above. The centerpiece stores easily by putting smaller layers inside larger along with the decorations. This could be a great package for a party planner.

The idea for a 3' [or whatever size it would become] plus wedding cake centerpiece popped into my consciousness at a time when I was so busy with other projects that had to be finished, I couldn't just drop them like I have a tendency of doing. Am I the only one who jumps to the next idea before completing the present one?   I get so enthralled with a new design that I absolutely have to work on it. I guess I have the attention span of a two year old-my great grandchildren are older than that.

So after Christmas, after gifts were finished and wrapped, after all other holiday musts were taken care of, finally, I could see if a plastic canvas wedding cake would work and be as spectacular as my thoughts. It kinda, sorta is though the three versions shown above are not the original creation I started with. There are at least two more versions roaming around with all the other have tos in my mind [what about a Christmas theme with poinsetias or change out the cake topper or, or, or]. Of course, since I know the idea works, they are on a back burner now. I love the idea that the same base can be used for all themes-just change out the florals, the ribbons, the bling.   
Why in the world would a bridal shower centerpiece get mixed in with all the children's paraphernalia, quilting and craft things I was in the middle of? I don't have a clue. No one is getting married, there are no showers to decorate for. It has nothing to do with anything in my life right now. Just one of those quirky, off the wall creations that makes its way to my "to do" list, then pushes its way to the top of the list and insists on being created right now ahead of everything else.
Here are parts 1 & 2  video tutorials for constructing the centerpiece. A printable version is also available on @

Part one takes you through building the basic three tier structure with plastic canvas then covering with bridal satin.

The cake topper made of a craft doll with satin gown, tulle veil and corsage is covered in part two along with two other versions for the centerpiece.

If a bridal shower is in your future plans, "My Big Fat Faux Wedding Cake" may be just the thing you need.   To make a smaller center piece, adjust to the size needed. Even the larger version is fairly quick and easy to put together and very economical.

I enjoyed putting this together and love that it is as eye catching as expected.
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God bless you
Carolyn Wainscott
check out my quilt/craft & clothing for your American Girl designs in My Pattern Store 

Reversible Hoodie pattern for American Girl dolls
video tutorial 

Reversible Circle Poodle Skirt Pattern
video tutorial @

Victorian Christmas Stocking Pattern
video tutorial @

Craftsy offers online classes that you can take at your own convenience from some of the top instructors in their field whether you are interested in crocheting, quilting, sewing, knitting, cake decorating, etc.,etc., etc.