Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hooded Girl's Cape Pattern from HANNAH'S CLOSET

It took a while but the girls' hooded cape pattern finally made it into pattern form. The doll pattern was available months ago but the girls pattern just kept being put off. 

It probably wouldn't have been done now if not for "Nancy" who contacted me a couple of weeks ago and wondered where was the girls pattern. She already had made the doll capes and wanted to make matching capes for her girls so I promised her it would be done so she could make them for Christmas and I did it! I had received other inquiries but couldn't get to the pattern before. 

It is available along with the doll pattern in My Pattern Store on www.Craftsy.com

@ http://www.craftsy.com/user/43851/pattern-store.

The cape is really quick and easy and I love the Victorian look of the gracefully falling hood on both doll and girl capes. The fleece, unlined Red Riding Hood cape is so fast to put together it is unreal. The lined cape doesn't take much longer-you are in essence making 2 capes and sewing together. 

Use 3 yards of 60" polar fleece for the unlined cape but it will take 5 yards each of 45" fabric for the cape and lining. Making the cape reversible is an option of course but look how beautiful it is. 

Here are the videos I did for the capes and yes, once again-they are that super simple to make:

AND-did you ever see a more beautiful child than my model, great, granddaughter, Maizin? 

If you make the capes, I would love to share them here. Nancy promised me she would send me photos when she takes them at Christmas. 

God bless you and happy crafting
Carolyn Wainscott

patterns for the capes are available in My Pattern Store along with my other designs for quilts, crafts and of course, my reversible, coordinating separates for American Girl Dolls @


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