Saturday, December 1, 2012

Zoe's Ginormous, Huge, Gargantuan Christmas Stocking

No, I am not trying to hide behind that  Christmas stocking. 
Yes, I was tempted to step into it but resisted that temptation. 
No, it didn't take long to make at all. 
Yes, there is a pattern available in My Pattern Store @ if you really want to make one or several.
 It was actually a piece of cake that didn't take any longer than a normal, 15" stocking. 

download your pattern, tape it together [isn't it wonderful to be able to print off a pattern instantly and get started if the mood hits], place on fold of fabric, sew around [probably less than 5 minutes], cut fringe or sew contrasting cuff on, put fusible webbing onto back of ribbon, cut into strips to form big block letters, arrange and fuse to stocking, edge paint lettering or other trim-VOILA

Maybe an hour of time-start to finish-and with all the sales and coupons out there it is not all that expensive either. I used 2 yards of 60" polar fleece-yes, I said 2 yards, some dimensional paint, decorator ribbon and Heat & Bond to fuse ribbon. 

My step by step video is @ if you need any help and this is a great easy project for kids to help with also.

 after sewing-cut fringe

 arranging ribbon strips into letters
 apply fusible webbing to back of ribbon

So how did I come to make a 5' Christmas stocking, you ask? Well, my Bubba, called me several weeks ago and said that his granddaughter, Zoe, wanted a really, really, really huge Christmas Stocking and that it had to be PINK. I have never seen a 5' pink Christmas stocking and evidently no one else has either and my beloved brother, Larry, knew who to call to fulfill the wish. We do anything we can, don't we, for our grandchildren? 
I know it's kind of outlandish but have fun with it and happy crafting
Carolyn Wainscott

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