Saturday, February 14, 2015


So after much thought I have chosen the craft items to be used in my entry for the craft blogger contest I posted a bit ago @

The whole process is being photographed and videoed as I go but won't be revealed until the contest ends. Simone Collins, Chief Content Officer of Prime Publishing-sponsor of the contest, 
sent a reminder that entries have to be in by midnight February 23 so time is running out. Contestants can submit more than one entry and there are no more than 150 participating. The first prize is $1000, second prize-$500, third prize-$250. Can't you just imagine all the fabric, tools and supplies that will get.

All entries are to be in an Ebook. I am super excited, loving my first project that is near completion, would love to win so am blatantly asking that you will take a few minutes when the voting opens February 25-March 4 to come over and vote for my creation[s]. 

The chicken wire was the first product for my entry that I thought to use but that has completely changed-same creation but using different materials and probably a new pattern to be put into my Craftsy and Etsy stores-mind is twirling.  

Yep, the Fairfield interfacings & backings have taken the place of the chicken wire-strange, huh? Just popped into my head the other day while I was praying-ok, so God is my Best Bud-He gives me ideas and I try and carry them out and trust me-His ideas are a whole lot better. We are sticking with my original project, though.
 As soon as the idea for using the Fairfield packet hit I started flipping through it and lo, and behold-just what was needed. In the packet were 11" squares of several weights and types with fusibles and non fusibles, woven and nonwoven for just about any need you would have. 
 "Stiffen"-fusible rigid backing, "Stiffen 2"-double sided fusible rigid backing, "Structure"-medium weight fusible interfacing, "Structure 2"-medium weight fusible interfacing were chosen for the base but there is a bit of the chicken wire also-just a bit. 
 We are permitted to add to the craft products. I did have to purchase more of the backings because there wasn't enough to finish the project.

These are more things pulled from my supplies on hand to think about for possible use. 

Then there are the metal working gloves, metal punch and the embossing foil that were in the box of crafts. These will be used for my second entry. It is like the first but built differently. I plan on playing around with that today. I did use the metal working gloves in cutting the chicken wire for the first project and they are great. Saved my hands from a whole lot of scrapes and scratches. 
The first creation was in the car to show my sister, Shirley, for her opinion on finishing. Other gals saw it and assure me it is quite lovely so stick with me here. Can't wait for your opinion also. 

Happy crafting
Carolyn Wainscott




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