Friday, October 7, 2011


Sissy's Sewing Box of Scraps Challenge has become more interesting. Sissy liked the blog I wrote yesterday but she contacted me via Facebook and said that the box I had was way too big. She had specified the SMALL flat rate box so I am going to have to scale down the array I had in the bigger box. My senior mind just didn't remember. Sorry, Teresa [she is to receive my  box of scraps]. 
I had to go to the post office to mail a package to my grandson so I picked up the SMALL flat box [I already had the medium size box I had intended on using]-oh, my goodness! It is the size of a vcr cartridge about 6"x8"x2". Now this is going to be a real challenge. Sissy said that she wanted to keep the projects small and I can understand that. There was actually almost enough fabric to make a full size quilt I was getting ready to send out. Now, boohoo, I am going to have to take a lot out. 
Excuse me while I go take care of that little chore and take a picture to update.
While I am gone, you have time to go over to Sissy's Sewing on Facebook and look over the challenge. You still have until Oct. 8, 2011 to become part of all this.
If you don't sew, you can glue, felt, use any of the fusibles to create anything of your choice. There are a lot of crafts out there that don't require sewing. Christmas is coming up-what about ornaments. Go over to and look at the 1000's of ideas for all kinds of things to sew, glue, bead, felt, tie, twist, crochet.
And by the way, I joined the challenge before I found out there were going to be prizes and several have been donated since. Things of interest-some classic fabrics, some gift certificates, a lot of different things but like I said, I decided to take part before there were any prizes like most of the other participants. You can take a look at them here:  if this doesn't work, just go Sissy's Sewing on Facebook and click on the prizes photo album. I don't know Sissy, don't have any connection, I just think this is something that will be fun to do and maybe you will, too. 

Be right back.
OK-here is the current box of scraps that will be sent unless I have messed up again. I will not be sending the scraps out in the post office box, though. It will be cheaper to send with my own wrapping. I just used the box for sizing and you know it just broke my heart to take out some of those fabrics. I did try to leave the ones that coordinate so Teresa won't be taking my name in vain.
This is from the original  box:

Like I said, Sissy's Sewing Box of Scraps Challenge has just gotten more interesting.
I'll keep you posted as things go along.

God bless you
Carolyn Wainscott

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