Monday, November 7, 2011

Those Unsew Days

Do you have those days that  you have to take out more seams than you put in?

I had one of those days recently. Between the time I got from my design board to the sewing machine with the quilt blocks, they had turned themselves around and jumped under the presser foot-time after time to be sewn on the wrong sides-crooked-just off, way off.
The project hadn't started out well, to begin with. The thought of making an all gingham quilt had floated in and out and this seemed to be the project for it. There were a couple of glitches-the ginghams weren't in my stash, the nearest fabric store was rather far away and I wanted to get started. I had been bypassing some ginghams in the fabric area of the store where I get groceries because of their content and feel but I thought they would do since it was for a quick little quilt and the price was right.  Soooo-I broke down and got enough of each since it was just a little doll quilt and anything should work-right? Wrong!

 Now,  I haven't met many fabrics that I don't like till these five little ginghams made their way onto my cutting table. It seems they have a mind of their own. They ravel. They creep, crawl. There were always threads to be cut with scissors after going over them with the rotary cutter. My motto from now on is: when in doubt, don't. 
The aggravation I had with this fabric made the project take 3 or 4 times what it should have and I am very dissatisfied with the way the little quilt turned out even if it is only a doll quilt. 

I am sharing all of this for a couple of reasons. The first is, we have so much time and effort involved in our crafts that we should use the best we can. By the time the quilt was done, I don't think it would have looked ok to me no matter what. 
And second but the real reason I started this piece-a way to unsew those wayward seams-with a electric shaver or moustache trimmer.   My friend, Valerie, shared that tip with us in one of our sewing afternoons. 

In a fabric/notions online catalog, I saw a electric stitch remover which was no more that a shaver with a different name on the side and the price was almost $70. I found mine in the drug store for $19.99 and could have gotten a cheaper one but like the shape and feel of the one I am using in the video below.  It surely came in handy for the gingham day. You might also find one at a yard sale or something, or in your husbands shaving kit.

Hope this helps and makes your quilting and sewing more enjoyable.

Happy crafting and God bless you!

Carolyn Wainscott

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  1. Ooh, Carolyn, I've seen those same ginghams and had the same thought you did. Much as I like gingham, I just couldn't shake the feeling that those particular fabrics would be more trouble than they were worth. Good thing I heeded that doubt because I have neither your talent nor your patience and would have probably just wound out tossing the whole lot out. LOL
    Love that you used Val's tip. Such a time saver!

  2. Glad I saved you any further thought on the fabrics and thank you so much for following, I appreciate it.