Thursday, November 8, 2012


Applique-my favorite quilting method. I lean towards a large motif surrounded by complimentary blocks, stripes, rows or whatever suits the design. The quilting bug bit me big time over 30 years ago and my taste hasn't changed.
Oh, I had always made crafts of all kinds using products of all kinds including fabrics of all kinds but quilting took over as my mother started making all kinds of quilts after she retired. Her quilt books accumulated, we went to quilt shows, admired all the great work and leave with new enthusiasm to make more and more quilts. Quilting has kept its place at the top of the list since I started and my first designs are still some of my favorites.
 One of my long ago designs is "The Circus Elephant" baby quilt. One of Mom's quilt books had an article about the "Hawaiian" quilting technique and I loved it. It seems Hawaiian natives adapted quilt making into their own art form from the methods being taught by missionaries. Their appliques were created by folding and cutting-and I wanted to create around that idea so "The Circus Elephant" and "Carrousel" quilts came into being.
These appliques were cut at the same time in the Hawaiin quilting technique of folding and cutting-kind of like folding & cutting a snowflake. With one cutting, you get 2 quilt appliques to make 2 quilts or use one applique for matching curtains, pillows, wallhangings, rocking chair cushions or whatever you can dream up.

I don't think there have been many times in my lifetime that I haven't been working on everything at the very last minute-is there anyone else out there like that? In September, 1985, the first "Circus Elephant" was being stitched on as I flew across the ocean to Hawaii for the birth of grandson, Daniel. The quilt was for him and I barely got it done before he decided make his appearance.

Four years ago, the quilt was brought out from its keeping place a few months before the birth of Daniel's baby girl to cover her before she was born.

The design is the same, the method is the same, the materials are the same except now the pattern can be transmitted almost instantly online and a step by step video tutorial is available @ if you have any problems with the written instructions. I am a visual person so this is the way I like to learn and evidently a lot of others do also judging from the viewership for all the how to videos on YouTube. I love being able to share my crafting and quilting on the internet.

The video with written instructions are also available on  @ & Check out all the quilting ideas available on FaveQuilts while you are there-they are almost endless. You can also sign up for the newsletter to get updates almost daily.

 The Circus Elephant will be posted @ on the project page-it is kind of an internet show and tell where you can share all your handmade creations. It is really neat. It is like a craft show every day with all kinds of crafts. It has become almost a "Crafters' College" with all the courses that are offered on scrapbooking, quilting, knitting, crochet-with the nations's top instructors in their field.

I am clearing time to finish the paper piecing course I have downloaded. The nice thing is being able to stop and start the video as needed and it is almost like having your own private instructor right there with you.

One part of that I am thrilled about is the opportunity to make my designs available to others. Of course, the Circus Elephant Baby quilt pattern will be available in My Carolyn's Canvas Pattern Store @ along with my other patterns that I hope to keep adding to.

Happy crafting and quilting
Carolyn Wainscott


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