Monday, May 13, 2013


 You can see the planning and initial work on The White Quilt [My Mansion In The Sky, Crystal River Running By] in the first article: 

For a long time I had the all white, log cabin quilt roaming around in my head made up of white on white prints till one day I had collected enough of the prints and laces to begin. 

The quilt kit was kept kind of handy to be worked on here and there, off and on, mostly off. I was working on the quilt as I sat with my husband in his hospital room and had several of the log cabin blocks done. It was going to look just as I had envisioned. and this is when I lost custody of my quilt. 

My niece, Kyrstie, was visiting from Roanoke, Virginia, saw the log cabin blocks on top of the basket and laid claim to the quilt. 

I must tell you a little about Kyrstie and why she would get the quilt. We are so very proud of her. She was in her junior year of nursing school at the time of the visit with us, had been working sometimes 3 and 4 jobs at a time to get through, had her own apartment and is just one of the most awesome young ladies you will ever have the privilege of meeting. So, yes, the quilt was Kyrstie's from the time she saw it.  

There was so much going on when we came home from the hospital, the basket with its quilt makings was set aside but suddenly  Kyrstie's graduation was looming and I wanted to give it to her for graduation. There would be no more hand piecing. The blocks were finished by machine and assembled. For one of the few times in my memory, a project was finished several weeks early. I wouldn't be working on it the night before delivery or on the way there-I am so proud. 

Here it is- Kyrstie's "My Mansion In The Sky, Crystal River Running By" 

The quilted blocks and corners

The quilting-back


every quilt needs a label

The Quilt

My daughter, Donna, took me all the way to Roanoke, Virginia so I could see Kyrstie graduate and deliver the quilt to her myself. I'll have to tell you sometime about the awesome daughter that I have also that takes the time to make sure I get to do what I want to do. 

 I hope Kyrstie enjoys the quilt as much as I have enjoyed making it for her. God bless her. 

Thank you for stopping by. 
Carolyn Wainscott

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  1. It's gorgeous, Carolyn. Absolutely stunning!

  2. wow your white quilt is stunning wow , so beautiful thanks for sharing your talent , it is appreciated very much by me

  3. Dear Carolyn! This is the most beautiful white quilt. It is such a gift from your heart! The post made me cry! I have been to YouTube many times over the past year and watched you making your little mug sewing is so cute. Well I returned today and followed over to your blog, and just started reading this morning! You are such an amazing seamstress! You remind me so much of my Mom (she was an awesome sewist as well)! Hope your new home is working out for you! It is a beauty! Love all the land and gorgeous trees all around!!!
    Thanks for being such an inspiration to me!
    xoxo- Julie