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Since I couldn't find the size letters I wanted that I could cover to match a baby's room [at a price I wanted to pay-the operative word is wanted to pay], I made my own from one of my favorite crafting materials-foam core board. I didn't want to cover perfectly good wood letters and they were too pricey anyway, even at 1/2 price so out came the old, trusty pad of 1" graph paper and drafted my own. In case you don't know, graph paper not only comes in the 1/4 " but in large pads about 24" x 30" with 1" grid. I've gone through several through the years. This is the size I use for a lot of my designs. The last ones had to be ordered online because I couldn't find them locally. 

OK, letters are all cut out from the foam core board. One sheet was large enough for all the letters plus, plus.
Batting for each letter was cut next in the shape of corresponding letter. 
A 11" square of fabric cut for each letter. This may seem too much but you'll need enough to pull around the letter and batting. 
Place fabric pretty side down, 
next-batting into center
then-letter with top side down-else your letter will be backwards [ask me how I know that!] making sure fabric pattern is right side up for letter [ask me why I bring that up!]
start in center of letters with cutouts-cross mark on back of fabric and cut on  marks [see video below]
pull fabric up and around batting and letter-staple or glue
now go on to outside of letter-pull fabric up and around fairly tightly but leaving padded look-staple or glue 
clip and trim away excess as you go
trim as you wish

I had bought flowers specifically for the letters when I first started planning to make them but didn't like that idea at all when they were put on. There were some little porcelaine dolls in my treasure trove were used, though, that were enough. Think about beads, buttons or anything else you may have. I did have some 1/2"  lace for the plain fabric that I like the look of. 

Think about letting the kids design their own lettering for their rooms with decoupage, painting, stamping, wrapped with yarn or jute. The possibilities are endless.  

Because I am paranoid about my explanations not being understandable, the video tutorial below may help my sometimes clear as mud wanderings for the letters:

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