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Just in case you haven't  heard about Project Linus-it is an organization that up til now has donated 5 million blankets to children in different circumstances since 1998.

I get updates on my Facebook page and a call was put out for a need for 1200 blankets by September 30 for "The Snowball Express @

Snowball Express

I have only participated once before but wanted to make a blanket for a child who has lost their parent. I also wanted to include my great, grandchildren so talked with daughter, Donna, and she wanted each of her grandchildren to make one. SO-I sent a message that we would make not one, not two, not three but four of the needed blankets. 

Instructions/patterns for making the blankets along with the address where they were to be sent came by return email. Larger blankets would be appreciated since there would be older children there and smaller children like to snuggle into a larger one also. Suggestions for themes were helpful-camouflage is popular, super heroes, popular Disney, etc. We decided on making the blankets 2 yards long so would need 2 yards for the top and 2 for the bottom. 

My fabric stash was checked to see if I had any fleece that could be used and it just so happens there were 4 yards of bright orange-enough for the bottom of 2 blankets to go along with a coordinating pattern.

I went on senior day to get my old age discount and got the rest of  the fleece that was needed, it was on sale at 50% off-hallelejah!! Have I told you I am addicted to coupons, fabric and Joann's Fabric stores? The gal at the register also told me they accept Project Linus blankets to be picked up by the local chapter so that will save me shipping next time unless we want to take part in a special project. 

While in line to get my fleece cut, there was a man piling one bolt of fabric after another onto the cutting table from his over full cart. There must have been 30 or 40 bolts. Being the shy retiring person that I am I remarked that it looked like he was going to be very busy - Nope-his mother-in-law. She makes over 400 quilts a year. WHOA! She is in her 90's and still going strong and he went back to the quilt fabrics to pile the cart full again. Still not having my nosy self satisfied, I sidled over as he piled more bolts onto his cart to ask what she makes the quilts for and lo, and behold, she makes them for Project Linus. I gave him my Joann's label with my name and address, put my phone # on and asked him to have her give me a call, would love to talk with her and tell some folks about her. [I know-I am giving my phone # to a complete stranger but how bad could someone be who is buying yards & yards of fabric, and for his mother-in-law no less, and he knows about Project Linus??] He did say she is a very private person so haven't heard from her. If anyone out there knows a little 90 year old lady who makes 100's of quilts a year for Project Linus and lives somewhere near Lebanon, Ohio, could you please pass the word that I don't bite and would love to show her  quilts here?? HHmmm? Pretty please???

Ok-back to our blankets that don't seem like so much now after thinking again about a lady making so many to donate. Anyway, here are Branden-age 4 and Hannah-age 8 with my daughter, Donna, working on the blankets:

There are 2 leopard print ones to match the orange fleece I already had and 2 camouflage with a tan backing. The kids loved working on the blankets. Here they are ready to be packed up for shipping.

And here is a video tutorial with hints and suggestions if you need. You can get patterns from Project Linus for the blankets and quilts on their website if you wish to participate in this great organization.
I checked out UPS, USPS and Fedex for shipping costs-Fedex was the most economical by a couple of $.

Project Linus has chapters all over if you want to check them out.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless you.

Carolyn Wainscott

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