Thursday, February 9, 2017

Restoring A 1969 Crissy Doll-My Article On Cheap Eats Thrifty Crafts

After looking off and on for several years, I finally found a Crissy doll in a antique store in little ol' Vevay, Indiana. It was in decent condition and the right price so she came home with me to be restored for my youngest daughter, Melinda, who was 5 when Crissy came out and that is the only thing she wanted for Christmas that year. 

I hate to send you to another site, that aggravates me at times, kind of like being on a scavenger hunt but that is where the complete article on Cheap Eats Thrifty Crafts is:

Did any of you have a Crissy doll with hair that grows? When this one was done Melinda got it before Christmas. I found an original dress and shoes on Ebay. I enjoyed making the doll over.

I hope you enjoy crafting as much as I do
Carolyn Wainscott


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