Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I love traditional quilts but just don't have the patience to make multiples of anything so I have made my own version of the Dresden Plate, Grandmother's Fan and my fave, the log cabin. Now I have tried to get into doing things as others do but my all white log cabin is all strip cut and still in the basket it was put in so it can sit by my chair just in case I have a yen to do some hand piecing. I have picked up some strips from time to time and even sewn some blocks on my machine. It will be gorgeous one day, it has its own name since it is all white-"My Mansion In The Sky, Crystal River Running By". It has some watery looking fabrics that helped with the name. I gathered all whites for a time for the quilt, there are even some laces. Maybe, just maybe, one day.

I can make my 90" translations of the old favorites in not much longer than it takes to make one traditional 12" or 14" block then accessorize the quilt with a couple of blocks in the traditional version on a pillow sham or covering.  

I make the Dresden Plate Quilt for wedding gifts and they make wonderful memory quilts as my Hawaii quilt that I made with some fabrics that I picked up while in Hawaii. Now I can look at my quilt and remember my trip. It is one of the first that I quilted on my long arm quilter.

My patterns are available @ and in My Pattern Store . The Dresden and Grandmother's Fan patterns with instructions for 2 enlarged sizes will be available soon along with the traditional 14" pattern for each. The dresden plate quilt featured is 90"  with the border.  

The matching pillow scarf will follow soon. I prefer a pillow scarf over a sham because it just has to be thrown over my pillows rather than wrestling the pillows into and then out of a sham. 

The fabrics in the Dresden Plate were purchased a while back and squirreled away for just the right project and this was it. I love the border all around. The quilt looked better to me by cutting the border's width in half but would have made a king size if the full width had been added. 

Cutting the border also allows the quilt to hang to the bottom of my mattress and just overlap the bedskirt that is in the works to complete the look I like for my bedroom. 

 A video tutorial for the bedskirt is also in the works and will be available @ along with the Dresden Plate Quilt and the pillow scarf.   Check out that site for all sorts of quilt patterns, tutorials, techniques and videos.



I hope you find these videos helpful.

God bless you,
Carolyn Wainscott
You can find my Dresden Plate pattern along with my other designs in My Pattern Store @

--Socksy Monkey Baby Quilt Pattern--

--Carrousel Baby Quilt Pattern-

--Hoodie Pattern for American Girl Dolls-

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