Wednesday, December 28, 2011


It is hard for me to realize that it has been almost 3 months since I saw  the "Box of Scraps" challenge issued by Sissy's Sewing on Facebook. It was a interesting concept-take some scraps, put them in the smallest USPS box, about the size of a vhs video, and send them to a fellow contestant whose name was given by the coordinator. It just sounded like a neat thing to do, and it was. I still can't get over looking forward to receiving a box of scraps when I have plenty of fabric-pretty fabric, nice fabric. Oh, well, we fabriholics are a weird lot, aren't we?
There were few guidelines-add no more than 1/2 yard of your own fabric to the scraps received and embellish to your hearts' content using whatever craft mode you wish:sewing, decoupage, quilting, etc
Sissy was diligent to keep up with all of us entrants, to check and be sure we had sent out our scraps and then that we had all received them. We were reminded to think of the recipient, that we included all sizes of scraps-in other words-be fair, don't send itsy, bitsy strings, remember the Golden Rule [although not put in those words].
The deadline to have our photos in was December 14 and were posted on Facebook so we could all vote for our favorite. There were a lot of different projects from picture frames, to totes, to aprons, etc.-so much creativity.
The third place winner is Sammantha who created several items from the scraps she received.
I don't know which fabric Sammantha added or if she even added any. I really like the little lined apron [would like to have the pattern] she made with coordinating Christmas fabrics which she went on to use in other items here.

                          She went on to make a hat band and head band that matches a little skirt and              purse below.

Then there is this cute plaid skirt with pink lace that any little girl would be happy to wear. I wish I had thought to do this.
Another cap with roll up brim that again will match the skirt with rick rack above-I mean Sammantha was very diligent. There couldn't be more than a string left from the fabrics she received.
Another plaid skirt with matching hairband with bow-I mean, look what can be done with small pieces of fabric.

                                                A Christmas stocking from fabric as in the apron.
                                                            A small quilt maybe for a doll.

And an adorable skirt with ruffle and lace. How industrious can anyone be? I surely wasn't.
I think Sissy's Sewing has set into motion a new mind set of using up all that we can instead of running out and purchasing new fabric everytime we want to create something. How great to take a little and make a lot. I mean, really, 3 little girl's skirts, a Christmas stocking, an apron and a little quilt from scraps that fit into a box the size of a vhs tape.
I'm lovin' it. I'm waiting to see what the next idea she comes up with. I'll share the other winners shortly.
God bless you, Happy sewing and great job, Sammantha.

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