Saturday, January 14, 2012


My apologies to the Grand Prize Winner of Sissy's Sewing Challenge for being so late in getting to this post. Winners of Sissy's Sewing Challenge are in previous posts: &
So much happening with getting grandson, Travis, back to college, visiting my mother in nursing home and husband to doctors' appointments. My scatter brain is more scattered than usual.

As I told you, Facebook's Sissy's Sewing threw down the gauntlet for crafters to send and receive scraps that were to fit a box the size of a vhs tape-very interesting, too interesting to pass up-for some of us anyway. [Sissy, honey, how in the world did you come up with this??] I am sure I am not the only one who has a hard time throwing away the tiniest scrap for fear of needing it for something in the future, so tidbits pile up. Small tidbits, medium sized tidbits and large tidbits seem to be everywhere in my house and it was no problem to gather enough for that small box.  
Soooooooo, we entered our names, we sent our scraps and we waited patiently?? to receive our scraps to see what wonderful tidbits were in a small box. I ran down everyday to the mailbox to see if "IT" had arrived and "IT" was finally there when my husband opened the mailbox as we were on our way to his doctor's appointment. I had to at least take a quick look before I could even continue driving. Now, having been married to me for 55 years come this February 2, nothing much surprises the poor fellow anymore but he did have a hard time understanding my excitement over a few scraps when I have shelves full of fabric and actually I am wondering about myself, too-and maybe all the rest of the participants, but it was fun.

AND NOW----------
DRUM ROLL PLEASE------------


Renae's entry received the most votes and hers was my favorite also. [I told you about the scatter brain-I forgot to vote-even for my own entry]. The wreath she put together from her scraps is just about  as creative as anything I have seen. I would never have thought home decor from a little bunch of scraps could fit into almost any style but Renae's wreath will do just that. She sent these photos for me to share.

As with so many of the entries, this is another idea for my to do file-so many crafts, so little time. Renae made a little go a long way. Check her out-"Nae Nae MadeIt" on Facebook for her creations. Congratulations, Renae!

There are still some photos that I want to share of non winners including my own. I thought each entry was great. There was so much diversity, so much creativity.

God bless each of you and happy crafting
Carolyn Wainscott


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