Saturday, March 31, 2012

Little Girls Love To Dress Up

My sister told a coworker that I have made matching outfits for my little girls and their dolls so I get the phone call to see if I would make them for her daughter. She wanted something really frilly and girly and there wasn't anything in the doll catalog that she wanted.

This is what I have some up with:

The blue gingham check pinafores have coordinating crocheted headbands with large yoyos and tiny pink rosebuds while the burgundy outfits have lacy crocheted beanies with frayed fabric flowers.

I spent hours just ruffling all the yards of fabric and tulle for the pinafore skirts. I really love my ruffler. I decided on the pinafore style because the way it is constructed, it will go between 2 sizes and is a easy fit and just needs a little knit top or blouse.

When I get around to it, I hope to make a video showing the way these are made. They are so cute, they are well worth the effort and not really hard to do.

I do know that if sis's coworker doesn't like these, I have 3 great granddaughters that will love to have them. That was another reason for making them in these sizes-Ashlynn, Jenna and Hannah can all wear them and they just love to dress up.

Here is my ruffler if you aren't familiar with the dinosaur looking contraption:

The #'s indicate how many ruffles are taken-0 is for straight stitching, 12 is a gather every 12 stitches, 6 is a gather every 6 stitches and the 1 is a gather for every stitch [this is the mode I use most-if I am going to ruffle, I want to really ruffle]

On the machine:

To keep the roll of tulle in control, place it on a dowel in a box-rolls off easily

On the floor to feed through the machine.

Going through ruffler-gather per every stitch

Yards of ruffles quickly and easily

The roll of tulle has 100 yards. Rolls of 25/10 yards are also available. Of course, these are all bought on sale or with coupon. I have lucked into after season sales for the 100 yard rolls for about $2-3 at Hobby Lobby and get all I can afford that day. They are usually priced at $9.99. Regular fabric gathers just as easily as tulle. 

If you  don't have a ruffler here is my video tutorial for gathering by zigzagging over yarn  @

Check out my quick and easy doll patterns in my Craftsy Store 
They are perfect projects for a beginner sewist. 

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Carolyn Wainscott

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  1. You must be the best grandma in the world. I just watched your videos on making a quilt out of sports team shirts on favcraft and followed over here to your blog. You have a really nice blog and I'm hoping that following you will help me with my follow-through LOl Take care and God bless.