Thursday, April 26, 2012

How To Promote Your Crafts

I love every phase of crafting from the initial designing to completion of my own creations and then there are all those neat new crafting supplies and tools to try. So I sew, glue, bead, felt, draw, color, transfer, print, collage, decoupage, crochet, quilt, repurpose, etc., etc., etc.

Now what to do with all those works of art? I would keep crafting if I didn't do a thing with them except put them in a closet but have set up at outdoor fairs, flea markets, consignment shops and craft fairs. Ebay is an interesting experience also. All these outlets help keep my house from being featured on one of those tv hoarder shows.

If you have joined me here you know how important the internet has become in almost every phase of some of our lives. It is especially so in the crafting world, anyway it has for me.

I found guidelines on marketing, displaying, and pricing my crafts that have been a great help even if I don't follow them exactly posted in:

creativeincome button Let Us Help Promote You!

Now I have subscribed to the Creative Income newsletter to try to keep up with the latest.

In a recent newsletter, I learned about Pinterest and other links all pulled together in one spot. Links that I was not even aware of.

Here are some suggestions from Creative Income that I have found most useful to make my crafts more attractive and eye catching that were in my most recent newsletter.  

 Even if you have been displaying your wares for years, check out Creative Income and the newsletter to keep up on all that's new.  The goal of Creative Income is to help independent crafters succeed.

Here's to much success in your crafting
Carolyn Wainscott 

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