Thursday, September 13, 2012


Great granddaughter, Jenna, took hold of my hand and said "Mamaw, come with me into the lobby". Where the child gets her terminology I don't know.We were at my sister's home for a family gathering and I suppose Shirley's elegant room size entry is like a "lobby" to Jenna. Her focus was on the large porcelain doll in her full victorian regalia. She wanted an outfit just like that only maybe in red to include the feathered headpiece and how soon could I go home and get it done? That is Jenna for you.
Jenna has definite likes and wants and I can't wait to see what she will accomplish because she has some great ideas that with a little training and encouragement can be fantastic. On one weekend  visit, she announced as she came in that she wanted a red velvet outfit. Now how does a 6 year old  know about velvet. [Brit, are you putting her up to stuff?]. Of course, she went home with a red crushed velvet skirt with matching top. There was no peace til it was finished as she sat by my side making sure it was done right. How can I not appreciate her genius?
So let's move forward many months to the "lobby" episode. No, the dress didn't get done immediately-too much going on and I kept having to put her off-maybe for her birthday. I did find some cute red calicoes that would look great for the dress so they were laid aside for the Jenna approval which I was certain would be given on her next visit. She took one look at the fabrics and announced that they were too old for her [how can calico be too old for a 6 year old?], weren't "sparkly and shiny" enough and took off into my sewing room to find sparkly, shiny fabric more in line with what this little diva had in mind.
Several more weeks went by, the dress still wasn't  started and the birthday suddenly fast forwarded itself and loomed a few days away. Ok, I would just go buy a dress in the toy department for dress up-that would surely do-until I looked at those dresses and couldn't bring myself to do that. The dress would have to wait, again. I called to tell them maybe it would be Christmas for the dress-there has been so much on my mind that I couldn't think about sitting down at the sewing machine but children don't understand that when they are promised something they may not get it as promised. I heard Jenny wail in the background-that was the one gift she wanted.
It was only a couple of days now til the birthday party on Saturday. Friday was spent making the princess dress of course. It took all day and it got done-expect for wrapping. The dress made it to the party on a hanger and it was all worth it.
Jenna had opened most of her gifts when I sent her dad to the car for the dress. She was busy jabbering and opening a gift when he called her attention to what he was holding. She stopped in mid sentence-that is a miracle in itself for her to be tongue tied-and just sat there for a second or two till she ran over to the dress. Of course, she had to put it on immediately.
Here's Jenna in her princess gown that she picked the fabrics for:

The only downside to the whole thing was that great, granddaughter, Ashlynn was so disappointed that she didn't get a princess gown also. She started taking off her clothes the minute she saw this one. I have her fabric ready now-only it is yellow even though she wanted blue just like Jenna's. I am sure I can make it so that she will love it just as much. They both love dressing up. There is a princess in all of us.
Will show that one when I get it done also.
Happy crafting, sewing and quilting
Carolyn Wainscott
But Jesus called unto them unto him, and said,  Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.
Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.
LUKE 18:16-17
While on a visit, Jenna, talked her way into having my Red Riding Hood sample for my hooded cape designed for HANNAH'S CLOSET which is available in My Craftsy Pattern Store @ 

The purple one hadn't been made yet or she probably would have wailed until she got that one, too.
She isn't that much into her dolls so she didn't take the matching doll cape

Here is my latest design. It came into being while I was working on a crochet version for soon to be born, Charlotte Ann-hince: Charlotte Ann's Newborn Mermaid Pattern

A doll version is in the works for the mermaid pattern but for now here are a couple of more patterns available:
My Sunbonnet Sue Baby Quilt is 50" x 50"

and I couldn't  leave out another of my favorite traditional quilt patterns in an enlarged pattern for Overall Sam which is also 50" x 50"

I love designing doll clothes and my great granddaughters love dressing their dolls in these coordinating outfits that mix and match

and on of these days I may get around to getting Jenna's pattern into a printable form

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