Monday, December 10, 2012

Remember The Christmas Sweaters? Let's Bring Them Back

Mom always had to have a Christmas sweater, or two or even three. Didn't everybody? I guess they didn't go away completely, just not so much on them. 

I saw a program several months ago where they had on the ugliest, most garish old sweaters they could find and had added more stuff like stuffed animals-hhhmmmm! They actually were kind of cute. Well, maybe not as large as some they had on. Then this morning on Good Morning America they mentioned competing in   the ugliest Christmas sweater competition. Shall we have one of those-show me your sweater!!!

I have been looking for something to wear special so decided to make my own. I used to paint/bead/fringe/applique more than I do now so I found a nice little sweater and wonder of all wonders, paid full price-it wasn't even on sale nor did I get it at a thrift store. It is a flat knit so it was easy to press the silk flowers onto. 

If you want to something a little special go through your sweatshirts or maybe you have a sweater that is suitable. My sweatshirts have been worn so much they are all decrepit and no sweater called to me either so I walked the aisles at Wally World til I found my little red gem with the nice buttons. It will only be worn once or twice probably before it is put away til next season. 

Find a silk flower that matches or coordinates and you will need a paper backed fusible webbing such as Heat & Bond. I also use the dimensional paints to outline the flowers-it adds a security to keep the edges from coming up and also adds sparkle. That is about it. Oh-you will need your iron to fuse the fusible web to the back of the flower and then the flower onto your sweater.

Take the flower off the stem, take it completely apart, lay face down onto non-stick pressing sheet, place fusible web onto back of flowers and fuse. Remove all fusible from edges of flowers so as not to get onto the sweater. Arrange flowers on sweater, cover with release paper that has no fusible on it and fuse. Run a line of dimensional paint all around flower edges. Add beads if desired or create beads with the dimensional paint. That is it. Makes a great gift for old gray headed ladies such as myself. 

Any questions? Here is a step by step video:

Happy Crafting, if you decide to create your own holiday sweater, be sure to come on back and share.  I would love to see it. Why, who knows, you could have a Valentine ensemble, or St. Patty's Day, Memorial Day, how about July 4th? There are all kinds of silk flowers out there and other appliques.

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God bless you
Carolyn Wainscott


  1. A few years ago, my older son asked me if I had a sweater. He and a friend (girl variety) were going to a ugly sweater party. I gave him my fav Christmas sweater..only to find out HE wore it! I thought his FRIEND was going to. Add insult to injury...he got 2nd place! :sniffle:

    1. Hi, Beth, do you still have the sweater? I don't know what happened with all of Mom's. Did you see the 1st place sweater? I have found there are a lot of ugly Christmas sweater events now. think I'll start one on here-want to send a photo? thanks for joining me on here-did you see the ornaments from Mom's jewelry? God bless you