Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Closing 2012 With A Positive

My 2012 final project

I spent New Year's Eve crocheting. I didn't want to have to follow a pattern-didn't have the brain for it that day so I relied on my old faithful Granny square. I can just about make anything with a Granny square so I found some nice bright yarn and went to work. I wanted to finish the year on a positive note. 

When the toboggan was finished I decided to try some texting or fingerless gloves. I had made several pairs for some of the granddaughters several months ago but they had been made following patterns and I wanted to try to create with the good ol' Granny square for them also. It worked. 

This set, along with any others I can get done, will be put in a basket at Norton Cancer Research Institute in Louisville for patients in treatment for cancer. 

You see, my son, Rick is being treated for lung cancer there and he is doing so well I am trying to kind of pay ahead. I appreciate so how much better he is getting. The first treatment he had there, I saw a basket on the nurse's station counter and being the nosy, curious, old cat that I am, I asked what it was there for. It is for donations for patients. I can do that. I can make things that give comfort. I can pray for that person. 

The beautiful colors might help lift someone's spirit, help make them feel better. I hope so. There are also some blue yarns laying here for another hat. I can't give any direction for crocheting other than this hat has 4 [5"} Granny squares that were crocheted together to create a ring. Make adjustments up or down for smaller or larger hat. Crochet in dbc around the top of ring, decreasing in each row until the top is enclosed. [I told you I can't give any directions-I just crochet until it looks ok and fits-mostly trial and error]. Same 4 Granny squares were made for the texting mitts. crocheted together along the outside of the hand, 3 single crochet chain at regular intervals at top of mitt for fingers. I could show you easier than I can explain.  

I've written two other posts today dealing with critically ill children, Gavin and Emma, that I have been part of praying for and they are doing well. I had to pass the good news along. Please be praying for the continued healing for Rick, I know that is what is responsible for him doing so well as it is for Gavin and Emma. 

God bless these and all the others in treatment for cancer. 
Carolyn Wainscott

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