Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Cancer-Leukemia-dreaded, horrifying diagnosis-especially in a child.
Another child a lot of us have been praying for is Gavin. Gavin's Journey is his Facebook page that gives us updates on his treatment. Some days are good, some not so good. A couple of days ago we were asked to pray for him because he was having such a horrible day, so much discomfort and pain-poor little man. Then yesterday a word of thanks because he was doing better and our prayers were being heard and working-he was having a much better day.
Then this morning his xrays were posted for all of us to see. There is such improvement from the initial xray that showed the tumor in his right lung. The tumor has shrunk dramatically-GLORY!!
The photo on the right was taken in June. This morning the one on the left was taken showing the tumor gone. So great!
It wasn't in my plans today to write anything but when I read this, I just couldn't not share this good news.
 Here is an earlier post about Gavin with his photo to show you how precious he is:
 He has been a trooper through all this but there are some days it's so overwhelming for him and I know it is heartbreaking for his family. I'm sure they would rather this be them than him.
Here is Gavin's prayer quilt-another of my "stitched prayers":
Please help us continue praying for Gavin and for Emma that I told you about in a previous post. They and lots of other children are in a fight for their lives. 
God bless these children and all of you
Carolyn Wainscott

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