Friday, March 1, 2013


These aprons have been on my to do list for many months because I like aprons and wear them often. Now they are on my done list-finally. The jumper they are made from was a favorite of mine for a long time. It was retired into a future project box when I was  organizing my closet. Something had to go and this was one of them. There was also a denim dress in the same project box that made it back into my closet the day I pulled the jumper out. It had been planned to go the way of the aprons also-it seems to have stretched out a little so it got to stay in its original purpose. There was another nice jumper in the box but it is going to missionaries from my sister's church. I surely don't need more denim aprons and it is too nice to cut up. 

The aprons were quick and easy to do. Both were completed in a couple of hours. I sewed a tube of fabric to make the neck band and ties, cut the front and back apart, sewed the hem all around and the ties onto the aprons. Done.

An apron exchange in a Facebook group, My Sewing Family < 3, suggested by member, Trish Wilson, kind of brought the apron back to mind so I drug out the jumper and went to work. Trish has the group making an apron from a man's shirt, though. She has provided a video tutorial link in case anyone needs any suggestions on making the exchange apron. It is going to be really interesting. I even signed up for it, now I just have to find a shirt. I went to the tutorial and it is fairly simple. 

Here is the video tutorial for the denim aprons:

Here is the next online class I am planning on taking when I get more into my paper piecing one. It is on sale right now at
Free-Motion Quilting with Feathers by Angela Walters

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