Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Months ago I cruised through Goodwill and flea markets for just the right stuffed animals and toys for a list of projects I had in mind. 

There were a couple of bunnies that had Easter baskets made for them made out of empty oatmeal and salt boxes for a couple of great grandchildren. There was even a Big Bird that had his own basket but he will probably have another use soon since he stuck around with the box of toys that had future plans for them. It seems when I get started with one idea, others follow for the same items. 

Several little dogs were chosen to be made into purses and yesterday that finally happened. I have several great, granddaughters so there is  a place for each creation. Then the idea hit for making a purse for the American Girl dolls that I have been designing for. BEANIE BABIES!!

 Especially since I seem to have a ready supply that my friend, Mary, and I picked up at a yard sale several years ago. Yep, I am not the only wild one out there. We have sewn Beanie Baby bags for craft shows, we have given them to our grandchildren and great grandchildren, we have put them in anything and everything we could think of and now-they can be purses. 

The lizard Beanie Baby doll's purse is my fave of the purses I made and it is as cute as a button as my Granny used to say. 

Here are the others just in case you want to take a look at them also:

These are so simple to make but just in case, here is a video:

If there was a bazaar in my future, these would be on my list to make several of. They should be quite popular. I know my great, granddaughters-Jenna, Hannah, Ashlynn, Maizin and Allyson love little things like this.

Have fun with these and post your photos if you decide to make them.

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Have fun with these and be sure to share your photos for us to see
God bless you
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