Friday, April 5, 2013


The "Apron from a man's shirt" exchange was very interesting in the "My Sewing Family" group and it was really nice to open a package from Samm all the way from Utah to find a really cute, hand crafted apron from someone I only know online-or kind of know online. There have been some really interesting exchanges on different subjects-mostly sewing.
Do you have a problem with your sewing machine-someone is bound to have the answer. Do you need a yard or two or just a smidgeon of fabric for a project-odds are you can exchange another smidgeon for what you need also. There are other projects going on all the time including  a block of the month exchange and if there is a need for encouragement or prayer needed-this is the place. You feel as if you do know everyone even though we are scattered all over the US.
Here is my apron:
Samm put really nice, extra large pockets trimmed with the shirt cuffs [wish I had thought of that] and then trimmed them with prairie points and bound the apron all around with colorful batik. I love the apron and since I wear aprons a lot, this will get a lot of use.
Here are some of the other aprons and each is a treausre:
Here is the shirt I started with for the apron I made and sent:
and the result:

A few weeks ago I made a couple of aprons from an old denim jumper. You can see those @:

My Granny always, always wore an apron-I guess I am becoming my Granny and that is ok-she is my hero. And she always had a handkerchief in the apron pocket so a proper apron must have a pocket so thank you, Samm, for a properly made apron.
Have you checked out all the classes available on If not today is the day-there are terrific discounts on everything from knitting to crocheting to baking to beadwork-you name it, it is there but get there before midnight tonight. See you there:
Thank you for stopping by. Wouldn't these aprons make a wonderful, economical and useful project for almost anyone including artists, crafters, sewists or missionaries in the field?
God bless you,
Carolyn Wainscott
While you are checking out all the online classes available at Craftsy, please take a little time and look at all the patterns available by us independent designers. 

Here are my matching hooded capes for little girls and their dolls. The hood drapes wonderfully and this is a quick and easy pattern to put together'

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