Saturday, April 27, 2013

How To Make A Shoulder Bag From A Repurposed Stuffed Frog

My granddaughter, Erica, sends me photos of things she wants me to whip up in her color combinations-usually black, purple & lime green. 

She has a black newsboy cap that I made for her a while back but a couple of months ago she saw one with a rose on it and with just a little different fit but she wanted purple, trimmed in her green but no rose please. She wanted a frog instead. 

"Photo, please, Erica" and she was glad to oblige in just a few minutes to my Facebook page for me to go by.

"Frog, please" and this is also jumped onto my page:
This is the result:

Not exactly but as close as I could get and she likes it. 

THEN-she calls with "Maammaaawww, I need a frog purse to go with my hat!!"

I probably would have attempted to crochet the frog purse but I was in the middle of my repurposing stuffed animal phase and had 3 little purses in progress from stuffed animals I had gotten at Goodwill some weeks before just for that project. Erica collects frogs so I told her I would fashion one for her and it would save me a lot of time and wonder of all wonders, she had one but-it had a rose on it and she didn't want a rose. 

I just sent her frog shoulder bag to her today:

Of course, she won't be wearing it with red.

Here are some tips if you decide you or someone you know can't live without my genius fashion accessory:

and here are the first 3 little purses from stuffed animals I got at Goodwill because I don't have all those stuffed animals laying around anymore:

I hope you have fun with these
God bless you
Carolyn Wainscott
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