Thursday, January 2, 2014


Some of my great grandchildren have been after me to teach them to sew and craft making for a while now but the time hasn't been right since they only came out to my former home occasionally. Now that I have moved back to Ohio, the time is fast approaching and they ask almost every day. 

I taught some of my grandchildren to sew as they sat on my lap, no, not one of my children had any interest whatsoever in sewing.   

My sewing room is still no where near ready for me to use but I have been teaching great, grandson, Ian to crochet and he made several Christmas gifts. They are also working on those looms that they weave bracelets from small rubber bands. I have had no hand in that. Their aunt, Charlene, got those for them and they do really well. The kids love to create. 

I got Ashlynn, Jenna and Hanna each a little sewing machine but they are still packed up in my stuff. I didn't even try to find them to give them for Christmas even though that was why I got them in the first place. The right time will come along. I am doing some things in my bedroom here and there and don't have room for much of anything. I did a lot of crocheting for Christmas because that didn't take up much room and I needed to be busy and productive-will show that later. 

I bought Jenna and Hanna a design kit that I had a 60% off coupon for at Joann's because they had miniature mannequins in them and I thought it would be a good tool for them. 

She had an agenda when she came in the other day-to use her kit and you have got to know the child to know that what Jenna sets her head to, you may as well go ahead and do what she wants and get it over with. She started cutting fabrics from her kit and pinning them to the mannequin like she had been designing forever. 

 She came in a couple of years ago with the announcement that she wanted a "red velvet" outfit. How does a 5 year old know about "red velvet"-and guess what-we made it. I dug out the fabric and she sat right there beside me at the machine till it was done and she put it on. 

As Jenna cut out strips of fabric and pinned them onto her mannequin in true Design Star fashion, little brother, Kendall, cut and pinned fabrics to his bear to create-Leopard Batman. When they were done I hand stitched them together with the needle and thread that came in the kit. I wish I had thought to turn the camera on while they were working so diligently but here are the results:

Jenna first sketched her design, as all good designers do, in the sketch pad provided in the kit [she wanted to wear my glasses to make her look smarter]:

never mind the mess in my room behind her. Here are the kids with their master pieces:

I moved here in September and had thought to have my sewing room ready for work within a couple of months-New Year's resolution/determination is to get started next week. Have a visit to eye doctor on Monday in preparation for cataract surgery. Am kind looking forward to being able to see clearly again. 

God bless all of you in 2014. 
Carolyn Wainscott

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