Thursday, November 21, 2013

MY NEXT CHAPTER-Paragraph Three

My two previous "NEXT CHAPTER"  posts are a bird's eye view of what is happening and what is not happening in this transition from wife to widowhood, residency from Indiana back to Ohio, almost empty nest back to a full house, evaluating how busy I really want to be, being able to hop from one machine to another-one project to another. 
What is not happening:  
being able to hop from one machine to another-one project to another. If you look back at the photos from "My Next Chapter" you'll see the complete mess my future sewing/crafting room were and still are. I can't even get to my machines, let alone hop from one to another and my projects are being crocheted because I can contain them in my room and get to the basket of yarn and hooks.
What is happening:
I have completed an afghan for the newest great, grandchild due in March and gave that to granddaughter, Kaitlyn, but forgot to take a picture before she took it home. Am working on some granny squares for another afghan with plans for a matching sweater, bonnet and booties for the baby girl.
I rely on the good ol' granny square for most of my crochet projects since they are portable and I can turn them into almost anything. The finished blocks are about 7". I am toying with the idea of setting them on point for a different design.
The granny squares were interrupted by a request by great, granddaughter, Hannah for a scarf/hood with pockets in different colors so she could wrap it around her face when it is really cold or put her hands in the pockets. I went to look for it to take another photo but she wore it to school today so here she is modeling her scarf the other night. Don't you just love the robe she has on that belongs to my daughter, Donna-her grandmother.

The pockets are fringed fleece-they were quicker than crochet. They are top stitched on by hand with the pink yarn.
I can get into trouble when there is time on my hands and things are not getting done that I had planned. Several weeks ago, while flipping through tv, I refound public access channels. Refound because over 20 years ago I had videos on the local public access and enjoyed it-that is how I got into videoing. My program was called "Quick Quilts". We showcased quilt tutorials, little old lady quilters and quilt shows. Now, I am one of those little old lady quilters.  
At any rate, the local studio was tracked down and the process of submitting videos looked into. Still not doing any current videos, I am editing together some of my tutorials to fill a 1/2 hour time slot. Last week my housework couture series was strung together and this week I turned in a video on some of my American Girl doll clothes designs that I have turned into patterns. The mix and match patterns make doll clothes easier to make without all the small pieces, they are reversible in both the doll and matching little girl's version.   

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All the videos can be seen on my Youtube channel also.
My patterns are available in my Etsy store @ or
Maybe this should have been titled "MY NEXT, NEXT CHAPTER"  since there is kind of a picking up of a past undertaking. I am just not used to not being busy, creating, and love to do different things. In other words, I have the attention span of a maybe 2 year old but life is interesting and bored is not in my vocabulary.
God bless you
Carolyn Wainscott
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