Tuesday, November 19, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my new home in Ohio:
http://carolynscanvas.blogspot.com/2013/11/my-next-chapter.html. Things haven't progressed very much, in fact, none at all in my sewing room. Still waiting on some things to be removed to be able to get things situated so I am still in the same chapter, paragraph two. It is going to be a longer chapter than I had thought.
Having to search for things to do the smallest jobs is the most frustrating thing since everything is still boxed and I lost all control in the move because I couldn't keep track but am so very grateful for all the help I got from everyone.
One thing I have been able to do is work with the  great, grandchildren, Ian and Hannah, to teach them to crochet [well, Ian, anyway]. Hannah [8 years old] has a shorter attention span than I do and her fingers are not quite working just right yet but she is trying it her way.
I taught Ian several months ago how to do a chain stitch and he has been practicing off and on in that time. I ordered a beginner crochet book to help him but he didn't get that until we moved in here. He is really doing great. He has learned how to go from the chain to a double crochet stitch.
From that he has been using the book and creating Christmas gifts.  During some sick days last week he learned more using some hair bands that I got for him. I am very pleased with his progress. He has been after me for a long time to learn and now he is following through. He is only ten years old. I told him that the football player, Rosie Greer, does cross stitch and I have known several men who do all kinds of hand work and art work including sewing and quilting.
Here is Ian with the beginner crochet book that he is using. He started making projects from the book before I knew it and had some things completed. His gage is getting very good.

 He figured out how to load beads on his yarn to be able to crochet them into a necklace. Pretty good, huh??
Here are some other things he has made:

And here is his tote that he keeps everything in. I took him to pick out some yarn of his own liking and he wanted to get his own set of plastic hooks. Since a couple of them have already broken, he now maybe has learned it pays to buy good tools to begin with.
I love it that these kids want to learn to do all these things and will help them in any way I can.
God bless you
Carolyn Wainscott

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