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I love nice place settings, serving pieces and linens. The custom place mats I have thought of making many times hasn't made it to my sewing machine as of yet but with this idea they may get done in this lifetime-"may" is the operative word here. 

Anyway, these place mats of woven ribbon can be very elegant or casual or any style you want according to the ribbons you choose. If you have wired ribbon, take out the wire before weaving and sewing. I happily ended up with a literal truckload of these wonderful ribbons of every style-wired and not wired-I love it. 

These are just a few of the many rolls my daughter, Donna, found for me at an auction. She called me from the auction and said "Mom, there is a guy here with boxes of ribbon to get rid of, do you want them if the price is right?" AND  glory be-the price was right. My husband and I went over the next day in our pick up truck. I have never seen so much ribbon all in one place at one time. It filled the bed of the truck and the back seat. I never counted but there were boxes and boxes of 1000's of rolls. I have given a lot away, sold a lot, and donated a lot and still have more ribbon than I'll ever be able to use in this lifetime and I'm trying to come up with a way to slip it into heaven along with all my other "stuff" if I don't get it used. Maybe Jesus won't notice.

You will need:
ribbons [cut into 12 1/2" lengths and 18 1/2" lengths]
lightweight fusible interfacing-use fusible side up
12" by 18" matching fabric for place mat back
cording or other trim for edge
surface to pin and weave on-cardboard, foam core board, I prefer my cut and press board
straight pins

To make:
pin one end of each 12 1/2" lengths on pinning surface-side by side
weave 18 1/2" lengths through-keep together tightly
press ribbon to fusible interfacing
sew lengths together with decorative stitching
Place place mat top and back right sides together, sew all around with cording between leaving a 6" space for turning. Turn right side out, press, sew turning space closed

Here is one placemat before sewing with two of the ribbons that are 2" wide. Any width ribbon can be used, Wider ribbons just take fewer strips and less time to do. It is rather formal

Another one using a different print finished with cording

 This one is more casual using ribbons about 1" wide

This is a great craft for kids. 

To make them stain resistant, spray them with a protective spray. 

Here is my video tutorial for making the woven place mats. 

Happy crafting
Carolyn Wainscott

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