Thursday, March 5, 2015


Unexpectedly receiving a good sized box full of craft supplies was exciting. Not knowing why was a mystery until we found the brochure under all those goodies. My tale of good fortune is here:

I knew almost instantly what I would be building as soon as I saw the chicken wire and metal working gloves from MD Hobby & Craft. There would be a Steampunk hat made from the chicken wire. How I was  going to pull that off, I didn't have a clue but that was the only thing in there that could be used for a structure at first glance.

How the hat went from being made from chicken wire to a more normal mode of technique is @

As I sit here and muse over constructing a hat from chicken wire and then even having bought a tiny bird cage that would swing on the inside I think of how crazy that would have been that even I would consider it. Hmmm, wait a minute here, on second thought, I still have some chicken wire left.
In finessing the pattern and instructions for the hat, I decided to leave out the chicken wire entirely and use 2 layers of Stiffen 2.

The patterns for the hat and fingerless gloves will be available in My Pattern Store @

Anyhoo, here are some closeup photos till I can get the pattern, instructions and video done.

 the matching mitts with appliques left over from hat band lace

here are the trims that were hot glued on abundantly

The voting is still open for The Best Blogger Craft 2015 competition until March 10, 2015 so I would appreciate you taking the time to go over and vote for me @

Happy crafting/sewing/quilting,
Carolyn Wainscott
The Victorian Lace Chapeau with matching mitts will be available  in My Pattern Store @
along with my other designs.

SUNBONNET SUE BABY QUILT 50" X 50" including traditional 14" block pattern

SOCKSY MONKEY BABY QUILT-50" X 50" with matching 14" block pattern

OVERALL SAM BABY QUILT PATTERN 50" x 50" with traditional 14" block pattern

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