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Well, all the hoopla and anticipation is over, my hats didn't win in the CHA Best Blogger contest but I had a good time putting them together and have met other online bloggers along the way. 

When I received the craft supplies from Prime Publishing, I kind of knew when I saw that lovely roll of metal from MD Hobby & Craft what I was going to do and my ideas worked for both the hat and matching gauntlets. There was even a pair of metal working gloves in that precious box, also and boy did they come in handy. Working with metal can be a little painful sometimes, these saved the day. 

Here are links to previous hat posts:

Yep, I did get carried away with these projects, didn't I? Oh, well, the first prize was $1000.

There was a lot of good feedback on the hats, especially this one so here is the video tutorial:

You will need:
the hat
metal sheet roll for hatband
the metal working gloves are highly suggested for working with the metal
black roses-I had 2 stems, one with 3 blossoms and one with one very large rose
lace for band and streamers
tulle for yoyos, streamers and veil
various cords, laces, trims of your choice
other beads, etc.
hot glue gun

To put together:
cut strip of metal 4" [or width desired] for hatband by 2" short of hat measurement [hot glue adheres better to hat than to the metal-it will be covered by floral arrangement]

cut 2" wide slits from top of band to within 1" of bottom of band-do not cut apart 
hot glue band to hat overlapping slits to fit smoothly against hat

cut 4" wide [or width desired] band from black lace to fit around hat, fit over metal hat band, hot glue at back

hot glue braids, trims around top of band

cut half circle 10" for veil, sew on trim if desired

glue to bottom of hat band, glue braid/trims around bottom of band covering edge of veil

for large tulle yoyos-cut 13" circles-take running stitch around edge-pull to gather-secure stitching

cut streamers from tulle and lace the width and length desired

place tops between yoyos-stitch or glue together

remove large rose from stem, remove each petal from center-this will allow flower to lay flatly 
place petals back together and glue together-glue to yoyo/streamers

glue to hat

adorn hat with other florals as desired

your hat is done, isn't it lovely

I didn't get a negative response from anyone with this hat. If you decide to create one, I hope you have as much fun with it as I did. 

Happy creating and thank you for stopping by
Carolyn Wainscott
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