Monday, June 1, 2015


A few weeks ago it occurred to me to transfer my soft sculpture Nativity kit to pattern form. The kit was originally printed on muslin and has been very popular. In a former post you can see alzheimer patients taking part in painting a set for their own unit @

What should have been accomplished in a few days has taken weeks with drawing, redrawing, stopping, starting, reconfiguring, rethinking-anything that needed to be "re" on a pattern that I developed years ago was done and is finally, finally available in pattern form and was just uploaded to My Craftsy Pattern Store @

It is very simple and quick to paint and put together.  Trace the pattern onto muslin, paint figures with fabric paints/markers, sew and stuff.  The Nativity set can be used for making soft books, puppets, quilts and wall hangings also. 

Christmas may seem a long time away but it will slip up on us before you know it.  

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Carolyn Wainscott

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