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When my sister-in-law, Doris, passed away I asked if I could have a couple of her things so when we visited several months ago, her daughter-in-law gave me a bag full they had saved for me when they were getting things settled. 

There was the jacket Doris thought so much of with embroidery and buttons-she showed it to me during a visit and I had asked specifically for that jacket especially since I knew no one else would want it, I don't know what I will do with it since it is much too small for me but if I never use it for anything, I have it because it was hers. There was the 50th wedding anniversary quilt I had made for them with its pillow scarf that was signed by the guests at their 50th celebration.

Then there were 2 chicken scratch quilts that she had made. She worked many, many hours on them. It is very intricate work and something I sure don't have the patience for so having them is very special to me. 

Here are photos I took just a while ago. Doris had made matching curtains and pillow shams to match the blue quilt which is not completely finished. The squares are set together with cotton eyelet lace and are about 20" square. I noticed the sashing on the blue one is wider so it required fewer blocks-if it had been me there would have only been one block to begin with. 

Here's Doris at my husband's retirement celebration in 2000. She and I had many good times together. Just thought I wanted to include a photo and this is the easiest one I could get. I miss her a lot.

I started this post several weeks ago. At the time, I did this research and located some sites if you are interested in chicken scratch. 

NeedlenThread's definition of chicken scratch:

What is Chicken Scratch Embroidery?

“Chicken scratch” embroidery is a lacy-like embroidery technique worked on gingham. It’s called a number of other things besides “chicken scratch” – depression embroidery (as in “Depression era”), snowflake embroidery or lace, gingham lace, or Amish embroidery. It involves only about three or four types of stitches – the running stitch, the cross stitch, the double cross stitch, and (if you want to consider it a separate stitch), the threaded running stitch.

article in:
references to Pink Paper Peppermints @ and

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