Thursday, September 10, 2015


I had the aspiration for one of those beautiful, organized, colorful studios I've seen in magazines and online but as long as my studio is workable for me, organized so I mostly know where everything is and a pleasure to work in, I am satisfied because I would have it in a mess as soon as I started working on a project anyway. 

I belong to a Facebook group: Clean and Organized Sewing Room, that has a lot of tips for our work areas. It seems very few of us have one of those glamorous studios so I am right at home in the group. If for nothing else but to prod my get up and go to get up and get busy, the photos of others getting their work areas in shape has been a help. And then there are the photos of designer spaces to give us all some hope. 

This is the state of my sewing room 2 years ago just after I moved here to Ohio from my home in Indiana after my husband passed away and I sold my home:

And it got worse. More stuff appeared till there was barely a walkway through. 

Then since I couldn't make any headway on creating my work space in the original plan I called the troops in and moved my things to the basement---forgetting how claustrophobic I am and that I would have  stairs every time I wanted to work, and back upstairs every time I wanted a cup of coffee or go to the bathroom or grab a snack or answer the door. Trying to work in an environment that isn't to my taste didn't do anything to inspire much work getting done.  


in January, called the troops in again for another moving day-I told them that was my birthday gift from them so I fixed a huge pot of chili and sewing room was moved back into garage. My very handsome grandsons helped a lot-

see why I had no iniciative to work down there?


My daughter-in-law, Pam, another handsome grandson, Joey and his wife, Andi, came over from Indiana to do this for me-so appreciated

my nice waist high cutting table [a closet door rescued after a fire, covered with canvas, large enough for the biggest cutting mat and one end for pressing-works for me]  and 8' Formica shelf on file cabinets holds my machines, these may seem make shift to some but I like them-have used them this way for years-lots of drawer space to keep things very handy

sorry for blurred photo-opposite wall of shelves behind quilter

break time-granddaughter, Angie, modeling

great, granddaughters, Maizin and Hannah

daughter-in-law-Pam, granddaughter-Angie, grandson-Joey, Maizin

I got to enjoy great, granddaughter, Kenzley, while her momma, Kaitlyn helped with the move-is she cute-or what??

Yesterday-over 6 months later-still in progress, still arranging and rearranging-still bringing things back up from basement to migrate into the rest of the hoard-

putting some mementos around to enjoy as I work-fabric paints, supplies are in the cabinets

but yesterday, glory be, I got to work most of the day at the cutting table, at my sewing machine without having to scoot sideways to get around or step over things or move things out of the way-there are empty spaces for the craft supplies and fabric left in the basement.  
The garage door is open in this shot, I am thinking about having French doors built into that space by next summer. 

The rotary cutters, scissors, rulers are all within easy reach on one of the shelves, you know every inch of space here will soon be filled and I love the stool I found at Sam's the other day with its adjustable height. 

When I get done with this post, I am headed back out into my space to finish a quilt top I was working on yesterday. It is my "Jesus Loves Me" panel I had silk screened onto PDF Kona cotton then hand painted. The panels will be available as soon as the sample is done and I get them uploaded online. 

May the joy of crafting and sewing be upon you
Carolyn Wainscott


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