Wednesday, November 4, 2015


My chihuahua, Little Girl, loves to be in piles of clothing, pillows with shams-anything she can burrow into so I finally got around to making a bed of her very own she could keep warm in. 

She is a clingon, has to be in my lap most of the time when I'm sitting down. My lap top sits on a table on my lap and she crawls under the table. Sometimes I do impress upon her that she can lay somewhere else and that's when she gets into the pillow sham or onto/into a blanket on the floor. 

Anyway, I had bags of scraps from a mega tied blanket marathon and had been planning on using those to make for her a dog bed-that day finally came this week. 

She seems to like it:

---but as I sit here writing this do you think she is in/on her very own personal/private beautiful, pink custom made bed-NOPE-she is sitting right here next to me. 

Since there were so many scraps I made two beds, one tied and one sewn. Will probably put one in the car and maybe she will condescend to use it instead of my lap. 

These were sized for Little Girl so if you need something bigger just add to the measurements.
For both versions I used leftover fleece:
Cut 2 bottoms-30"x 30" each [I rounded the corners on tops and bottoms for sewn bed]
Tops-30" x 20" each [I cut 2 for each bed for extra warmth but you can just use one]
Sewn Bed-
align bottom edges of tops with bottom edges of bottoms.
sew all around leaving an opening to stuff bottom.
stuff with scraps, batting, hosiery, etc.
sew opening closed
VOILA!-almost instant dog bed-quicker for me that the tied one

Tied Bed-
align bottom edges of tops with bottom edges of bottoms.
cut out 4" squares of each corner of top/bottoms
cut fringe all around  outside edge
tie tops/bottoms all around together leaving space to stuff bottom pieces
stuff bottom pieces with scraps, batting hosiery, etc.
VOILA! really cute dog bed

Here is a quick video in case my instructions are clear as mud:

After Little Girl's dog beds were done I made another, larger one for grandson's dog, Lula, so I made 3 that day. I stuffed that one with an old blanket that the dogs had been laying on so it's usefulness goes on plus the last of the fleece scraps.

Thank you for stopping by and may the joy of crafting be upon you
Carolyn Wainscott

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