Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The news is on. The networks news crews are in Joplin, Missouri at the site of the tornadoes that have devastated that area with unimaginable destruction. Several are still missing. Walmart, hospital, Home Depot and the high school destroyed among the recognizable landmarks.

Over head shots show buildings, buses, cars, trucks picked up, tossed and twisted like toys in the reported 198 mile per hour winds. It was just stated that only 1% of tornadoes reach that velocity. There are piles and piles of debris. One rescuer stated that this was worse than any war zone that he seen.

People who have survived are being interviewed. I can't imagine the terror they went through. Some are looking for loved ones and for anything that can be salvaged. 

Still, there are more major outbreaks expected today but now there is no place to take refuge. Really, though, with fury of 190 miles per hour, there is no safe place except in the arms of God.

Just last month storms roared through Alabama, Georgia and surrounding states.  100's killed. 

We think these things are not going to happen to us but now with  darkening skies there is a heightened sense of wariness because weather patterns are changing. Last night with weather reports, came phone calls from my mother, the kids and the grandkids to see what was going on and telling me to beware.  Dopler Weather tracking the storms area by area, telling us to get into our safe place because now we all know where we will go if need be-which room is safest.

IS IT JUST ME  or does it seem as though Mother Nature is getting more angry? Are storms more frequent? More violent? More widespread?

Please, let's be in prayer for all these affected. Some have nothing left. What can we do in our little corner of the world to help in some way? What if it were us?

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