Tuesday, May 17, 2011


No, I haven't completely lost it, not any more than usual anyway.

My "green" sense is kinda always in gear, I've just been toying with some things that we have in abundance around here and I hate to have so much plastic go into the trash.

Since I am a quilter, all those milk and distilled water plastic jugs could be used possibly for templates if the time is taken. I have been working with creating organizers but the water jug I was experimenting with didn't fill the bill. It did show some promise in another direction, though. Having spent enough quality time together to know it wanted to continue its life as useful and not be looked upon as just another piece of trash,  we came up with a design to allow the Plastic Jug or "PJ" as he wants to be called,  do just that. 

The magic marker  magically glided around "PJ" and when I followed the markings with my exacto knife, voila, a really large scoop came into existence. 

So from the job of holding one of our most important commodities, water, "PJ" still has a job to do. 
"PJ" has become  the really big, really cheap [mmm-economical] "Scoop", scooper of the dog food, the one scoop scoop. No more multiple dips into the bag, now you can do it with just one-"Scoop".

The following video was made to detail the process of PJ Scoop's metamorphasis from almost trash to useful treasure.

It can be seen at http://www.favecraft.com/, the online craft site that offers all free patterns, instructions, videos and tutorials in many crafts-crochet, knitting, jewelry making, paper crafts, kids crafts, recycling, and much, much more.

Who knows, you may have PJ's brother in your cupboard.

Happy crafting. Would love to see your "green" creations.
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Carolyn Wainscott
the quilting granny

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