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This skirt can be made in any length you wish and is simple and quick enough that I used to get up an hour or so early to make one to wear out the door that day. Of course, they were just plain, not embellished as shown.

 This skirt is made the length that I wear which is to the ankle.
The self-lined skirt is formed by sewing fabric into a long tube, folding wrong sides together, matching seams and waist edges-fold will be bottom of skirt.  

Appliques were applied before sewing skirt.

Choose the length and fabric you wish to wear and lets get started. My skirts take less than 2 1/2 yards. I have used my top pattern for several years and it takes just over a yard in this wide fabric.
Elastic in the width you like and sewing tools are the only additional things you need plus optional trims, appliques if you choose to embellish.

I use t-shirt knits for several reasons:
-it comes in a 58"-60" width so it fits hip measurements up to that width and I am not that big yet so I am still safe for a while
- it is comfortable and easy to wear
-it washes well
-it is fairly easy to work with if reasonable care is taken not to stretch while sewing
-it is economical, especially when I catch it on sale  [I have paid as little as $1 per yard-I'll take a $3.50 outfit any day! that is what the one pictured cost]

-Only three measurements need to be taken-
1. waist, then subtract 4"-5" for elastic length [or what is comfortable for you}
2. hip at widest, add 1" for seam allowance, add 3" for comfort [or what is comfortable for you]
3. from waist to desired length, add 1/2" for seam allowance, add width of elastic
double the total of these 3 measurements
[my chosen length is 37" + 1/2" + 1 1/2" [elastic] = 39" x 2 = 72"]
[by hip " [no, I'm not tellin'] ok-45" + 1" + 3"=49"]
so my skirt panel was cut 49" x 72" to include self lining
>watch videos for more information<
-to form skirt tube-
1. fold panel in half lengthwise, right sides together
2. fold this in half of width [bottom of skirt], matching skirt waist edge to lining waist edge
3. from skirt bottom fold-measure  9" on each side, mark with pins 
4. to sew tube:skirt-sew from top of waist edge to pin marking slit, skip to pin marking slit on lining, sew to within 2" of top of waist

in photo below-fabric folded back at bottom of skirt alongside ruler, elastic at waist edge, tube will be sewn alongside tape measure-down one side, up the other.  
Fold tube, wrong sides together, matching seams and waist edges.

To form casing for elastic:
1. waist edges of skirt & lining-fold to inside 1/2" all around, pin together
2. topstitch or serge together
3. sew parallel seam width of elastic all around to finish casing
4. insert elastic in opening left in lining seam
5. finish slit at skirt bottom by turning in 1/2" and topstitching.

The following videos give tips to create the skirt in "The Felted Applique No Pattern, Lined Skirt & Top Series".  
You can see these and other videos on Join us online at: for free tutorials and patterns in:crochet, knitting, beadwork, scrapbooking, kids crafts, jewelry making, needlework and much, much more.   

Happy sewing and I hope this has been of help to you. 
Carolyn Wainscott
the quilting granny    

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