Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yard saleing can be addictive as some of you well know. My friend, Mary, and I used to go quite frequently until my husband threatened to nominate me for the tv show, "Hoarders" because there was always something on our stops that I might need or could use or someone else could use and on and on. I have found some wonderful things and some great bargains along the way, though-collectible glassware, fabrics & trims, home decor.

However, I have wanted, for some time now, to start at the most southern end of the world's longest yard sale which starts in Covington, Ky. and ends somewhere in Alabama- around 600 miles-and head north along the yard sale's route 127. Simply a yard sale lovers dream. I've thought about going in a motor home with my other yard sale friends. If we had a motor home, we could pull over any time we wanted, have all our food and drinks with us and not have to depend on finding restaurants or restrooms. 

I have tried my hand a couple of times with setting up along the "127 Yard Sale" with a trailer of stuff in northern Kentucky and done pretty well. I couldn't believe my eyes when we were bombarded before the 8 a.m. start time on Thursday morning.

They came in vans, trucks, motor homes, car loads full-pulling trailers. Oh, and tour busses for crying out loud.

There were television crews filming along the way. HGTV [Home & Garden TV] has featured the yard sale several times.

High end decorators comb the route looking for special pieces for their clients. 

Being the chatty, curious person that I am, I asked where people had traveled from to attend and was told they were from almost every state and one even from England. They come from all over the world. This 600 mile yard sale is definitely an event.

When I go to the yard sale, my goal is to stop along the way and cruise quickly, hop back in the car to the next stop and keep going to cover as much territory as I can. I do ok until I reach M&T Country Collectibles just north of Owenton, Ky. Once I stop there, I just seem to stay because there is so much there including all kinds of collectibles, antiques, primitives, candles and lots of food and drinks. There are even old timey wood rockers on the front porch to sit a spell. 

 I always have my camera with me so here is a video of the shop with photos that I took of one of the yard sales. 

If you like yard sales, you are going to love this one.

 It is a yearly event on the 1st weekend of August so if you miss this year, maybe you can go next.

Have a great time, if you get to go, let me know if you find something fantastic
Carolyn Wainscott


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