Thursday, October 6, 2011


Doll clothes are something I hadn't intended on getting into until a couple of months ago. My granddaughter wanted to give her boyfriend's daughter accessories for her American Girl Doll but couldn't afford to buy them. I told her I would help her out and make a couple of outfits for the birthday-and that started the whole thing.

I downloaded some crochet patterns and started with those. I looked up the dolls online and ordered a catalog. I like the concept of the doll with its historical background and line of books and things to do. I just can't get around the cost of eveything so a lot of clothes are being made and put aside for Christmas for my great granddaughters. I love dolls and being able to share this with them.

I have crocheted some hats and bags to match some outfits, even some Mary Jane shoes for one dress that I got carried away with making such a swirly skirt but it looks like I wanted it to.

This is one of my favorite little outfits. I love the two tierred swirly skirt. The top is from one of the downloaded patterns. I couldn't find a top I liked so I used one of the dress patterns and just didn't crochet the skirt. The fabric at the waist is a Tinker Bell piece which is just perfect with the little calico print. The flower on the headband is crocheted.

Let me say something about all those downloaded patterns-I appreciate them so much because they have helped me a great deal and I will share the links at some point. I did find, however, that some of the patterns are not accurate. I am not a greatly accomplished crocheter but one pattern I started several times was just not right. I have made lots of things but this one would not work no matter what I did.

The talented people who create these patterns and then share on the internet are wonderful and I have been able to follow along with almost all of them. It takes a lot of time to create and write instructions. Writing crochet instructions is far beyond me.

So, I had some outfits piling up and wanted shoes to match. I came up with making sandals that are really quick and easy. Since the crochet brigade is so generous in sharing their expertise, I am sharing my idea for the sandals. You can make dozens in an afternoon. If you are going to craft fairs, they would make an inexpensive item without too much time involved that should sell well for you.

I first used some craft foam sheets that I had on hand using my hot glue gun and that worked well. But wonder of wonders, I found the adhesive backed foam sheets, in glitter, no less. Here is the sandal to match the Tinker Bell outfits I made.

Throw away nothing! Even little 1/4" snippets can be used as jewels for trims here and there. Make up your own kit as a gift for children to design and make their own doll sandals. They will have the best shod doll in town.

To help secure the adhesive on the foam, add just a dab of hot glue or other good glue at the ends to keep it from coming loose.

I had fun creating these from anything and everything, hope you do, too. Here is my video showing you how to put these together. 

So get some craft foam or felt sheets and have fun.
God bless you,
Carolyn Wainscott
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  1. can you please link me to the pattern used for the yellow dress ... ty

  2. can you please post your link to the top you used in the yellow dress :) ty in advance

    1. Hi, Ashley-please forgive for not answering earlier. There has been so much going on that I have been unable to keep up with things. I know how it is when I want to do something and can't get all the information or supplies timely. These were done several years ago and I had to pull the patterns that I probably used. It looks as though this is from "Darski Villager"-the Victoria pattern. The photo shows a double row of ruffle but the yellow one above only has 1 I think. I do a lot of combining patterns or making up my own so don't know what I did for the skirt. I do have several from darski but they look like the same top pattern-Another pattern is "I need a dress right now"-again from Darski. I also have some patterns frfom ABC knitting patterns that I used for some crochet. At the time these were done I was crocheting like mad and kind of got carried away and gave to great granddaughters. anymore questions please email me and I check that more often @ thank you for your interest and would love to see your work-you can share on my facebook page-Carolyn's Canvas