Monday, February 18, 2013

MINIATURE CRADLE-Another Toilet Roll Tube Creation

There is an abundance of toilet roll tubes laying around here so what does that make us here?  So when the question was posted a couple of weeks ago on FaveCrafts-"What can you make out of toilet paper tubes" I had plenty of source to play with. The question was one of those weird intriguing things that set my weird, intrigued mind in motion. 

What does it say for a mind that comes up with a cradle of all things for a poor little doll that had been from place to place for a long time but now it is all comfy and even has a scrap for a blanket. Pretty cute, huh?

I had already made cradles from salt boxes and oatmeal boxes:
These are a throw back to when my daughters were little. I have since made them for granddaughters and am now making them for great, granddaughters. Geesh! it seems just like yesterday my daughters were that age-where has the time gone.

Now, I knew that someone out there was dying to make a cradle using a toilet roll tube so here is my video to reveal all the mysteries of making it:

This is another one of those little things that take little time, at no cost and keeps children occupied.

I am sending this post to my daughter, Donna, so she will know I am not a hoarder-I am the Queen of Repurposing, Recycling & Giving New Life To The Ordinary, The Everyday, The Mundane. I think I will find something and make myself a crown-suggestions?

I love crafting, quilting and especially making something from almost nothing. 
God bless you
Carolyn Wainscott

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